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PokéHeroes Staff Members vary in position, though collectively refer to the group of users who help maintain PokéHeroes in a multitude of ways. Each position contributes to the overall being of the site, explained below.

By clicking each link below, you will be able to learn more about the specific Staff Member!

Alphabetically, the current PokéHeroes Staff Members are...

Akemie, Bokuto, BakugouKatsuki, CatLady, Danuwa, Furret, Giltine13, Hime-Nyan, Jacharias, Kimie, MoonLaLune, Ravenswing, reapu, Riako, Temy, Tesoro, and Tuna.

See also the offical Stafflist and the visual Staff 101 Guide.

Staff Banners

Each Staff Member is given a Staff Banner displaying their position as well as a chosen Pokémon or Pokésona Sprite. Each Position has a different banner base with a different color-scheme and pattern than that of the other positions.

The Staff Banners are positioned underneath the user's avatar in Forum Posts and Private Messages and beneath their Premium Banner (if they are a Premium user) or displayed underneath their Trainerlevel when viewing their userpage beside their Premium Banner (if they are a Premium user).

If a user is currently holding multiple Staff Positions, the Staff Banners will be ordered in the same order as displayed in this guide. (For example: A Moderator Banner above a Wiki Staff Banner)

All Staff Banners are created by Furret. Prior to retirement, they were created by imagine or Abby.


There are different staff member positions with each having its own unique responsibilities. Each position is a volunteered position, given no unfair gameplay advantages or rewards. One specific user is not bound to a specific staff member position and can hold or could have held multiple at a single given time.


The administrator, sometimes referred to as "Admin", manages and codes the site. They programs new features, ensures the site is working properly and free of bugs, and oversees the rest of the Staff Members. The administrator should only be contacted in pressing matters in which another Staff Member cannot assist you such as with a hindering glitch on-site.



A Moderator, sometimes referred to as a "Mod", is a user in charge mainly in handling user-related activities. They keep forum threads, forum posts and feeds free of SPAM, inappropriate links and other rule breaking. They also handle reports, issue warnings and locks to users who break the rules and act as neutral mediators when necessary. With most situations involving multiple users or wrong-doings, it would be best to contact a moderator.



A Moderator-in-Training is a user in training to become fully promoted Moderators and share the same tasks and responsibilities as Moderators under their trial period. A Moderator-In-Training may or may not be always promoted.

There are currently no Moderators-in-Training.


A Spriter is a user whose tasks include creating Generation V-style sprites for newly released Pokémon as well as creating new Event Pokémon and PokéHeroes-exclusive Mega Evolutions. Spriters can be contacted in the event you have an Event Pokémon suggestion, though it should be noted that just because you suggest it, it does not mean it will be implemented. Spriters should not be contacted regarding sensitive topics such as a rule-breaker.



An Artist is a user whose task include designing backgrounds and other artwork such as Event Pokémon Egg Sprites and plushies that will be used on-site. Artists should not be contacted regarding sensitive topics such as a rule-breaker.


Wiki Team

The Wiki Team are a group of users whose tasks revolve specifically around the PokéHeroes Wiki itself. Being quite knowledgeable on site mechanics, you may come to them for help regarding gameplay or other features.

Wiki Admin

The Wiki Admin oversees the PokéHeroes Wiki alongside the administrator. Their tasks include making sure information is being up-to-date and correct while overseeing the rest of the Wiki Staff's Wiki contributions. They can delete pages and create accounts among other privileges. The Wiki Admin should not be contacted regarding sensitive topics such as a rule-breaker.

Wiki Administrator

Wiki Staff Member

A Wiki Staff Member is a user on the Wiki Team whose tasks include writing new articles about new features, Event Pokémon or Items, as well as making sure the information on the Wiki is both correct and up-to-date. Wiki Members should not be contacted regarding sensitive topics such as a rule-breaker.

Wiki Staff