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"I'm the founder and administrator of PokéHeroes. Don't hesitate to ask me any questions regarding this game or the staff!"

Profile Link: Riako
Position(s): Administrator
Nickname(s): Raiko
Location: Germany
Birthday: 04 April
Language(s): English
Favorite Pokémon: Ducklett
Favorite PokéHeroes Plushie: Birthday Ducklett
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Artist(s)/Band(s): Taylor Swift
Hobbies: Coding, English literature & Tindemera
3 Fun Facts About Riako:
-- 1. Before PokeHeroes was officially released, my avatar on here was based on "The Mentalist".
-- 2. My favorite PokéHeroes event is "Summer Time Shaymin" - brings back memories.
-- 3. My favorite video games are Harvest Moon DS & Tombi!
Favorite Part Of Being a PokéHeroes Staff Member: Being able to troll users tbh!