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Raylóng egg design
The Asian Week was a special event related to Asia. It lasted from 03/03/14 to 09/03/14.

Every day there would be a very special event where you can try to be one of the few to claim the special Asian Pokémon! You would have to stalk the lab, make some interactions or join a ChatQuiz! There were lots of different opportunities to participate. Winners of each event would receive a Raylóng egg. In total, only 41 Raylóng eggs were distributed. Raylóng is now obtainable as a quest in the Ancient Cave, and will not be available in the Event Shop.

The Daily Events

These are the events which took place during the week.

Monday, 03/03 - The Spy

"Oh, look! Prof. Rowan received a couple of these Event-Eggs and will distribute them to random trainers. Make sure to visit his lab very often during this day!"

Through out the day, Raylóng eggs would show up in the Lab randomly.
Raylóng egg in lab

The Raylong egg design would be different from all the normal eggs meaning they would be seen and recognized straight away.

These Raylong eggs did not break chains.

Tuesday, 04/03 - Treasures of Bǎozàng

"A new Mini Game was available on this day: Choose a treasure box and hope to find a precious Event-Egg."

Treasure chests
During that day, people had access to a special treasure box mini-game which is now fully implemented and can be played in the Game Center. People had the option to open a box for 100 Game chips. If the user was lucky enough, they would win a Raylong egg which would be placed directly into a users party. If not, the user would win other items such as Game chips, evolution stones, gems, vitamins, rare candies, or win nothing.

The chance of opening the right box was 1/4.

There was only a 3% chance winning a Raylong egg.

Thursday, 06/03 - naneun Riako ibnida

"Riako is discussing recent happenings and coming features in a new HeroTalk!."

On that day, a new HeroTalk video was published by the admin, explaining all the new features, information and updates. On the video, 8 letters appeared in a random order. Users had to find the 8 letters and re-arrange them to create a word.

The word was Totodile.

Users who got the answer were entered in a quick raffle so only 3 winners could win the egg.

The winners were: DarkDonnie13, Finhawk and BarastheHedgehog.

Friday, 07/03 - 幸福 (luck)

"Good things come to those who wait interact! Interact with many Pokémon and Eggs on this day! There is a non-zero chance to receive an Event-Egg after each interaction made. You will receive a notification when your egg is ready to be claimed. Note: You need an empty space in your Party while interacting."

On that day, if users interacted, they would randomly receive a Raylong egg if they were lucky enough. The egg would automatically be placed directly into the party while they're clicking. The user must have a free empty space in their party to receive the egg.

Saturday, 08/03 - ChatQuiz

"First ChatQuiz: 10:00 AM Second ChatQuiz: 08:00 PM Topic: Asian Culture/Pokémon/PokéHeroes Join our Chat Room to participate. There will be three winners in each Quiz."

On Saturday, there were two chat quizzed held. In the first chat quiz, there were only 6 rounds and for the second chat quiz, there were 7 rounds. During the quizzes you wouldn't see other member's postings. Only the first users with the right answer qualified for the next round.

If the maximum amount of users didn't answer a question correctly, those who answered wrong would be entered in a quick raffle, and those who win would receive a free win.

First Chat Quiz winners: CarpetMonster, Toothless, Shedninjask

Second Chat Quiz winners: Kalm, Yoru, AoTora

Sunday, 09/03 - Artist Contest

"Task: Draw an artwork that combines the following topics: Asia/Pokémon. Feel free to draw traditionally or digitally. Submit your drawing before March 9th, 18:00. Note that you can only submit one drawing! The top three artists with the most creative drawing will receive 1x Event Egg."

This was an on-going event from when the Asian Week begun. Users has a week to draw a piece which is related to Asia/Pokemon and submit it. Only one drawing could be submitted per person.

On March 10th the voting begun here. Users all had the option to vote for only three drawings which were submitted. The 5 winners would win x1 Raylong Egg.

The voting ended on 12th of March, 23:59.

The winners of the contest were:

1st Place -- Drawing #1 (Abby)

2nd Place -- Drawing #5 (JustMe4031)

3rd Place -- Drawing #13 (Rae-Jou)

4th Place -- Drawing #2 (Toothless)

5th Place -- Drawing #15 (Death)