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"Hey there! I’m Tuna, a new MiT. If you have any questions about the site, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Pal Pad / PM or if you simply want to chat! If I don’t respond to you immediately, I’m most likely busy with college, but I’ll get back to you ASAP :>"

Profile Link: Tuna
Position(s): Moderator
Nickname(s): None
Location: United States
Birthday: 13 January
Language(s): English & Chinese (Cantonese + Mandarin)
Favorite Pokémon: Skiddo
Favorite PokéHeroes Plushie: Skiddo
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Artist(s)/Band(s): I don’t have a favorite artist/band
Hobbies: Cooking, Swimming, and Travelling
3 Fun Facts About Tuna:
-- 1. I have a terrible habit of opening messages and forgetting to reply to them. If you’ve sent me a message (that warrants a response) and I never replied, I swear I’m not ignoring you!
-- 2. Currently a college student studying Biochemistry & Molecular Biology + Environmental Studies
-- 3. I have not played any of the Pokemon games after X & Y
Favorite Part Of Being a PokéHeroes Staff Member: Helping users with any issues they may have!