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Note: This article does NOT list the features to interact faster, such as clicklists. Information about that will go in the Union Room article.

An interaction (or click) is the act of warming an egg or training or feeding a Pokémon. Pokémon grow and eggs hatch from receiving interactions.

Giving an interaction

There are two ways of interacting with a Pokémon or egg.

From their summary

You can give an interaction to a Pokémon or egg from their summary, though the method varies depending if you are interacting with a Pokémon or an egg:

Interacting with eggs

The only way of interacting with an egg is warming it. The egg will gain some EHP which will help it to hatch.

Interacting with Pokémon

There are two ways of interacting with a Pokémon.

  • Training: Training will award experience to the Pokémon and possibly boost a random stat.
  • Feeding: Feeding will award more experience to the Pokémon than training would do. The chances of finding Pokedollar.png Pokédollar and Golden Game Chips are higher than when training.

Note that you can feed Pokémon only if you own berries in your inventory and that the berry will be expended once the interaction is made.
As guest visitors don't have berries, the feeding option will not be available for them.

From a direct link

Pokémon and eggs can also be interacted from a direct link, although the exp received will be multiplied by 0.25.
The individual link for every Pokémon or egg is as follows:émon ID&action=direct
Replace the Pokémon id for the actual id of the Pokémon. This link can be found in the summary of your own Pokémon too.

And it is also important to note that an user can interact once per day with the same Pokémon. If an user visits a summary of a Pokémon that it has already interacted with it, the option of interacting with it will not be available for them until the next day.


When giving an interaction, chances are that you find Pokedollar.png Pokédollars or Golden Game Chips that can be used at the Golden Slot.

  • The amount of Pokédollars that can be found after every interaction made varies between 1 and 5 Pokédollars. This number will be doubled if you own an Amulet-coin.png Amulet Coin.
  • The amount of Golden Game Chips that can be found after every interaction made varies between 1 and 3 Golden Game Chips.

Note regarding interacting with other users

If you interact with other users, chances are that they will see that you have interacted with them and they will interact back. Note that users are not forced to click you back, so don't blame them if they refuse to click you back.
On the other hand, it is considered polite to click back people, so you can show your gratitude to them because they have bothered to interact with you.
And last, but not least, you shouldn't beg for clicks in forums as it may be considered SPAM, although it's not completely forbidden