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"Hey everyone, CatLady here to help you any way she can~ Feel free to contact me with any questions or problems you might have regarding PokéHeroes and I'll do my best to help you ^^ You can reach me through both PM and PalPad, either in English, French or in Dutch, whichever makes you feel more comfortable."

Profile Link: CatLady
Position(s): Moderator, Wiki Staff
Nickname(s): Cat [rarely CL]
Location: Belgium
Birthday: 07 March
Language(s): Dutch, English, decent French, German, Japanese, little Turkish, Danish
Favorite Pokémon: Larvesta
Favorite PokéHeroes Plushie: Spheal [sorry Larvesta]
Favorite Color: Blue [either Midnight-dark of Ice-light]
Favorite Artist(s)/Band(s): Laïs [Belgian acapella]
Hobbies: Swimming, reading, gaming
3 Fun Facts About CatLady:
-- 1. I used to hate Pokémon
-- 2. My right hand is full of rings, because I have difficulty separating left and right
-- 3. I sleep on a sofa [own choice]
Favorite Part Of Being a PokéHeroes Staff Member: Organizing Contests and helping others ♥