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About PokéHeroes

Welcome to PokéHeroes! A browser-based game which takes place in the world of Pokémon. Where you take on the role as a Pokémon trainer and breeder – adopt eggs, hatch and raise Pokémon, explore unknown areas, collect items and complete quests to obtain rare Pokémon – and much more! Join thousands of other Pokémon trainers in Emera Town and be a part of this global community browser-based game today. You can also, discuss, chat, send private messages and share your opinions in the forums on all the latest news on PokéHeroes and Pokémon.

Latest News

Mega Frosmoth
Event Contest Winner

A while ago, a hiker has discovered a rather powerful variant of Frosmoth near Emera Town: Mega Frosmoth! Even researchers of Galar had never heard of this species before; they claim that this must be quite a rarity. To find out more about this variant, they started breeding large numbers of Snom eggs, hoping for more mega-able Snom. And now they're everywhere! Snom-nom-nom. Good for you: After completing their research just last week, they have now decided to give away the mega-able Snom to trustworthy trainers.

This new Mega Pokémon has been created by our member ~Venus~ in our previous Mega spriting contest. This is the first winning submission—more will be released over the next few months!


About PokéHeroes Wiki

Welcome to the official PokéHeroes Wiki! This Wiki is dedicated to the browser-based game PokéHeroes. Here you can view articles that provide important information on various features on PokéHeroes. This necessarily does not explain the game mechanics, but provides specific insight and instructions on how to use certain features on the site. It is important to take into consideration that this Wiki is constantly changing to provide the best and most up-to-date information on all things PokéHeroes. Therefore, the Wiki is closed to the general public in order to prevent unnecessary spam and vandalism. If you would like to help out - please check out the Wiki Helper forum page for more information. Or if you just want to report an error found anywhere in the wiki, you can do it in this thread.

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This is a wiki dedicated to the game PokéHeroes! The site is a Pokémon based browsergame where your main task is to hatch eggs and collect Pokémon. Its creator & administrator is Riako, so all copyright is owned by him.