Johto Apricorn Battle

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The Johto Apricorn Battle is an event that took place from 22/May/2018 to 12/Jun/2018. It could be accessed from the Emera Square.

After the event ended, every ingredient and recipe involved was removed from everyone's account to ensure an equal start for everyone by the time of the next Apricorn Battle.


In order to qualify yourself in the actual Berry Battle, you had to clear three tasks first:

  • Feed a total of 500 berries.
  • Harvest a Blue Apricorn Blue-apricorn.png Level 5 from the Berrygarden.
  • Make Lyra a Johto Cookie Johto-cookie.png.

After fulfilling all the tasks, a new rumble area would be unlocked: the Burned Tower.

Johto Cookie

The recipe for the Johto Cookie is only displayed after you have solved the first two tasks. Lyra will provide you with one of each apricorn as well as the following recipe to get you started.

Image Item Name Recipe
Johto-cookie.png Johto Cookie Blue-apricorn.png Blue Apricorn Lv.5 x10

Red-apricorn.png Red Apricorn Lv.2 x2

Green-apricorn.png Green Apricorn Lv.2 x2

Flour.png Flour x1

Moomoo-milk.png Moomoo Milkx1

Apricorn Battle

Once you got the necessary qualification to take part in the Apricorn Battle, you were able to participate in the daily contest of brewing as many Johto Cookies as possible. Every hour, the finished Johto Cookies would automatically be picked up by Lyra and counted towards your total number for the day. The top 50 users who made the most Johto Cookies in a day would receive a prize.

In addtion to that, it was possible to boost the growth speed of your berries by feeding a fixed number of berries to Pokémon. All you had to do was to fill the green bar to activate the growth spurt, and then the bar would reset and you could refill it and activate it again. Each activation speeds up the growth by 25%. (Keep in mind, though, that each berry plant could only receive one boost of growth speed, meaning that the growth spurts are not stackable. In other words, if all the berry plants on your field have already received a boost of growth speed, you were able to activate that bar again, but it didn't have any effect because the plants' growth speed was already shortened by 25%.)


After getting into the top 50 ranklist of the daily contest, you would have the chance to either unlock an update for the Burned Tower that makes it possible for your Pokémon to find either a Retro Lugia or Retro Ho-Oh egg while rumbling there, or a Retro egg that hatches into Retro Marill. There was also a chance of it being Shiny.

Additionally, you would receive an amount of Festival Points, depending on the number of Johto Cookies you made (varying amount) as well as which rank you reached (fixed amount as listed below).

  • Rank 1: 1000 Festival Points
  • Rank 2 & Rank 3: 800 Festival Points
  • Rank 4 & Rank 5: 500 Festival Points
  • Rank 6 - Rank 10: 250 Festival Points
  • Rank 11 - Rank 30: 100 Festival Points
  • Rank 31 - Rank 50: 0 Festival Points

This amount will be rewarded additionally to the varying amount that you earn with the Johto Cookies.