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Some badges from Set 3

Badges are a form of achievement on Pokeheroes. You can collect them by completing different tasks all around the site, some more difficult than others. By completing a set, you will earn a reward. There are currently four sets of badges on Pokeheroes. The higher the set, the harder it is to obtain the badges.

You can view someone else's badge showcase on their Userprofile. It will only show you the badges they have obtained. It will not say how or when they obtained it.

A badge showcase on a Userprofile

If you don't have a badge, its image will be faded and the text will be all question marks. If you have received a badge, the image will become solid and it will give you a description on how you received it and when you received it. Note that it can take up to 15 minutes for a badge to get added into your showcase. You will receive a notification when you receive a badge.

Badge Solutions

NOTE: The spoilers below contain the solutions to every badge, separated by set.
Do NOT open them unless you want to spoil the badges and rewards for yourself.

Image Name Description
1.1-introduction.png Introduction Finish your introduction. This is your first step to a great adventure!
1.2-your partner.png Your Partner Hatch your Starter Pokémon.
1.3-interaction beginner.png Interaction Beginner Make your first 500 interactions.
1.4-rumble rookie.png Rumble Rookie Complete your first rumble mission.
1.5-a new community.png A New Community Join our forums and make your first five posts*.
1.6-good luck.png Good luck! Spin the Golden Game Slot in Plus Mode for the very first time.
1.7-the local lottery.png The Local Lottery Take part in the lottery for the first time.
1.8-global trading.png Global Trading Complete your first trade at the Global Trade Station.
  • Note from Riako: In order to prevent SPAM in our forums, your forum posts must now be up for at least 24 hours in order to count towards [the " a new community" badge]. Means if they are deleted by our moderators during the first 24 hours for being SPAM, you will not receive the Community badge for them. So try to post something useful!

Reward: Explorer Bag

Image Name Description
2.1 badge.png Trainer Reach Trainerlevel 10.
2.2 badge.png Pure strength Raise one of your Pokémon from Level 1 to 100. Watch as it grows and becomes stronger.
2.3 badge.png Interaction warm-up Make 5,000 interactions.
2.4 badge.png Search for gold Find more than 2,500 Pokédollar from Rumbling.
2.5 badge.png Unknowing Daycare Owner Adopt your first Egg from the Daycare.
2.6 badge.png All in Lose more than 1,000 Game Chips at the Coin Flip.
2.7 badge.png Playing it safe Play it safe and buy 50 lottery tickets at once instead of one single ticket!
2.8 badge.png Sold! Going once, going twice, going three times, sold! You finally won an auction at the Auction House.

Reward: Explorer Bag

Image Name Description
3.1badge.png Plushie Cuddler Collect more than 50 different Dream World Plushies.
3.2badge.png Hoarder Build up your personal army and hoard at least 100 Pokémon of the same species.
3.3badge.png Interaction expert Make 100,000 interactions.
3.4badge.png Mysterious area Discover a special area on a rumble mission.
3.5badge.png I'm rich! Own 1,000,000 Pokédollar.
3.6badge.png Shiny Surprise Hatch a Shiny Pokémon.
3.7badge.png Super famous Looks like you're famous - 10 members have added you to their friendlist!
3.8badge.png Evil Magikarp Lose 10,000 Game Chips at the Coin Flip.

Reward: Shiny Charm

Image Name Description
4.1badge.png Left in the dark You adopted 100 eggs from the lab without even knowing their type! (adopt the egg under 30 seconds)
4.2badge.png The perfect Berry Harvest a Level 100 Berry at the Berrygarden.
4.3badge.png Click Professor Make 500,000 interactions.
4.4badge.png Shiny Chainer Hatch 50 Shiny Pokémon.
4.5badge.png Event Collector Collect 20 Wondercards.
4.6badge.png Cooking Mama You are a true chef, you know 30 recipes!
4.7badge.png Puzzler You collected 500 pieces and already finished a few puzzles.
4.8badge.png Rowan's Best Friend Finish all 8 Rowan Quests.

Reward: Mega Bracelet