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New Puzzle Piece found!
On 02/Feb/2015, PokéHeroes introduced the Puzzle Collection as the second part of the Spring Update. Users were able to submit their artwork in an official contest and the top 22 were selected to create the puzzle pieces the users now have to find.

On 07/Dec/2017, another Puzzle was added. The pieces can be obtained by gifting other users Dream World Plushies.

You can find the Puzzle Collection in the "Home"-Tab.
The page will show you the total amount of pieces and how many you have found already. It also shows the partial and fully finished puzzles. By clicking the thumbnails, it will enlarge to have a better view. The artist is also shown.

All default puzzles have 24 pieces in total, which are hidden all over Emera Town. You may find them by being active in different places if you are lucky enough.

Like the Dream World Plushies, the puzzle pieces have no further use in this game except to function as collector's item only and for users to have fun finding and collecting them.