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Current Event Distribution.
The Event Distribution is the page where you can claim special events provided that you meet the requirement for them.

This page is locked for users under Trainerlevel 5.

Event Distribution Page

Upcoming events will be announced on the Index Page before the start of the event. After the start of an event, you can access the event distribution page under the 'Home' tab to find out the number of Activity Points required to claim an event egg.

Event eggs obtained through the Event Distribution do not count towards your chain.

You can choose to chain event Pokemon, but only event eggs obtained from the Daycare and the Event Shop will count towards your chain. Collecting any other Pokemon will break that chain. This includes the regular form of the Pokemon.

If there is an event running

If there is an event running, the page will show the date the event is being distributed on, and small description of the event. To obtain the event Pokemon, you will need to earn Activity Points via lots of different ways.

There are 5 categories / ways you can obtain AP (Activity Points).

ActivityHow to obtainMax. AP per hour
  • 3 AP for feeding a berry to a Pokémon.
  • 1 AP for regular clicks.
750 AP
Game Center
  • 5 AP for opening a Treasure Box.
  • 1 AP for every correct guess in Higher or Lower.
  • 1 AP every correct hangman.
  • Randomly AP by playing coin-flip.
  • In Concentration the amount of APs earned depends on how many times you guess wrong.
50 AP
  • A few AP by battling other users.
100 AP
  • 1 AP for every item that is brought back.
50 AP
Social You can gain a few AP by:
  • Trading Pokémon
  • Winning an auction
  • Posting in the forum
50 AP
  • 7 AP for adopting eggs and Pokémon from your fishing box.
  • 5 AP for feeding a Rare Candy.
  • 1 AP every fifth correct answer at the Royal Tunnel.
200 AP

Every hour, the requirements for each category will reset, meaning you can only get a total of 1200 AP per hour.

If there isn't an event running

The page will show the last event that was distributed from this page, but you can't get it.


The wondercard page
Every time you claim an event, you will also get its wondercard, like in the Nintendo DS handheld games. The wondercard shows the sprite of the Event Pokemon, a description of the event, the date it was distributed and the date that you obtained it the first time.

You can see your wondercard collection on the wondercards page.

Note: There is currently no function of wondercards and they are merely collectibles. There may or may not be a use for them in the future