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Rumbling is one of the main features of Pokéheroes. It allows users to find Pokedollars Pokedollar.png and items, such as berries, honey, Mystery Boxes, keys, star pieces, gems, spray ducks, and weather balloons. It is still in its beta stage, meaning that some features, like battling wild Pokémon are not available yet, but will be available soon.

Sending certain Pokemon to certain areas does not affect the probability of finding certain items.

How to access

The Rumble base can be accessed by hovering over the Town tab located at the top every page, provided you have at least one Explorer-bag.png Explorer bag.

Sending Pokémon in a rumble mission

The six available rumble areas
The number of Pokémon that can be rumbling at the same time is determined by the number of Explorer-bag.png Explorer bags owned by you, up to a maximum of 6 simultaneous Explorer bags.

When sending a Pokémon out for rumbling, three options will be given to choose from:

  • The Pokémon you want to send: Click on a Pokémon to select it. It won't disappear from your party or storage boxes, but the Pokémon will be busy.
  • The area you want to send them in: There are six possible areas, and the types of items available are different on each area.
  • How long the mission will last: Rumble missions can last from 5 minutes or up to 12 hours. The longer the time the Pokémon is out, the better the result.

Getting explorer bags

There are three possibilities to obtain explorer bags:

  • From the Item Shop. One Explorer Bag can be bought under the Special Items tab.
  • From Rumbling. Sometimes a Pokémon may find an additional explorer bag while rumbling.
  • Completing your badge sets. Completing the first and second badge sets would give you an additional rumbling bag each as a reward.

Rumble Areas levels

Rumble areas will gain EXP every time they are explored (expressed by a percentage). If an area is fully explored, a new level of it will be unlocked.

As the level of an area increases, the rumbling results in that area will be better.

Obtainable Items

Variety of different items can be found by Pokemon through Rumble Missions.

  • Berries [Common] Any berries can be found; they are used to feed Pokemon.
  • Gems [Common] Different types of gems are found in different Rumble Areas. Rumble Area Gems Guide
  • Boxes & Keys [Uncommon] Different colored Mystery Boxes and keys can be found in any Rumble Area.
  • Honey [Uncommon] Honey can only be found in the Silent Forest and the Windy Prairie. It is used for Route 53.
  • Tiny Mushrooms [Uncommon] Mushrooms which can only be found in the Yellow Forest.
  • Spray Ducks [Rare] Evolution item, used to evolve Blossomly into Applewoodo
  • Star Pieces [Rare] Summon items which can also be found in Space. x5 are required to summon Jirachi in the Ancient Cave.
  • Weather Balloons [Rare] Evolution Item used to evolve a Castform into a different Castform Weather form.
  • Meteorites [Rare] Can only be found in Space. Meteorites are used to change Deoxys form.
  • Stardust [Rare] Can only be found in Space.

Rumble Overview

Watching the Rumble overview
The Rumble Overview allows you to see the progress of the current rumble missions, and also allows you to retrieve a Pokémon when the mission is finished.


This page displays all the Pokémon that are currently in a Rumble mission. On each Pokémon, the following is displayed:

  • The area it is exploring.
  • The time needed for the Pokémon to return, along with a progress bar.
  • The amount of Pokédollar found by the Pokémon so far.
  • A list of the items found, by clicking over the number of items found.

Retrieving Pokémon

Retrieving a Pokémon
When the Pokémon is back, there will be an option of retrieving it. You cannot retrieve Pokemon while they are exploring an area.

Doing so will place all the items in your Item bag and add the Pokédollars to your account.

Special Evolution

Mossy forest.png Snowy mountains.png Playground (1).png Lightstone cave.png

Eevee can only be evolved by sending it out to explore three special area. To obtain Leafeon you need to send Eevee to the Mossy Forest, for Glaceon to the Snowy Mountains and for Sylveon the Playground. Nosepass, Magneton and Charjabug can only be evolved by sending it out to explore the Lightstone Cave. Crabrawler can only be evolved by sending it out to explore the Snowy Mountains.

Once you send the Eevee out to explore one of the areas, it will take 20-80 minutes to evolve, and then 20-50 minutes to return. It will return evolved.

The other rumble missions only take 5-10 minutes to evolve (you can choose if you want to evolve it or not) and 10 minutes to return from the area.

To unlock these missions/areas, you need to reach an Exploration Level above 5 in the following Areas:

→ Silent Forest (Mossy Forest)

→ Rocky Cave (Snowy Mountains)

→ Windy Prairie (Playground)

→ Fiery Furnace (Lightstone Cave)

Eevee evolves into Glaceon after exploring the Snowy Mountains.

Eevee evolves into Leafeon after exploring the Mossy Forest.

Eevee evolves into Sylveon after exploring the Playground.

Magneton evolves into Magnezone after exploring the Lightstone Cave.

Nosepass evolves into Probopass after exploring the Lightstone Cave.

Charjabug evolves into Vikavolt after exploring the Lightstone Cave.

Crabrawler evolves into Crabominable after exploring the Snowy Mountains.

Legendary Rumble Missions

Special rumble missions can be unlocked upon owning a specific map. These special rumble mission maps can be found rarely in Mystery Boxes and each map will unlock a special area.

You can send your Pokemon out to explore these special areas; and it may take them days. However, each area also has special requirements; for example...

Marine Cave
Marine cave.png
Explored by: Water.gif
Terra Cave
Terra cave.png
Explored by: Fire.gifGround.gif
Sky Pillar
Sky pillar.png
Explored by: Flying.gif
Volcano Cave
Volcano cave.png
Explored by: Fire.gifGround.gif
Hollow Space
Hollow space.png
Explored by: Fairy.gif
Vortex of Time
Vortex of time.png
Explored by: Dragon.gif
Spooky Manor
Spooky manor.png
Explored by: Ghost.gifDark.gif
New Moon Island
New moon island.png
Explored by: FFF.png
Full Moon Island
Full moon island.png
Explored by: FFF.png
Submarine Volcano
Submarine volcano.png
Explored by: Water.gif

Dual type Pokemon also work. For example...
You can send a Flying/Normal Pokemon to explore the Sky Pillar - You can send a Fire/Electric type Pokemon to explore the Terra cave, and so on.

Consider getting your Pokémon to a very high level before sending them on such a mission - they may be challenged by very strong Boss-Pokémon.

  • Your Pokemon will fight Rayquaza in the Sky Pillar. If your Pokemon wins, it will return from the mission with an Emerald which you can use to summon Rayquaza in the Ancient Cave
  • Your Pokemon will fight Groudon in the Terra Cave. If your Pokemon wins, it will return from the mission with a Ruby which you can use to summon Groudon in the Ancient Cave
  • Your Pokemon will fight Kyogre in the Marine Cave. If your Pokemon wins, it will return from the mission with a Sapphire which you can use to summon Kyogre in the Ancient Cave

If your Pokemon loses the battle, it will return from the mission with your map.

Spooky Manor

After completing the Giratina Quest in the Ancient Cave, you will receive a Spooky Manor Map.

The Yellow Forest

Yellow Forest
During the Retro Pikachu Event, users were able to complete a task which would result in them unlocking a special Rumble Area called the Yellow Forest. The Yellow Forest can only be explored by Pichu, Satichu, Pikachu, Satochu, Raichu, Raitoshi, and Retro Pikachu.

When sending out a Pokemon to the Yellow Forest, it will have the opportunity to find a Retro Egg, which will hatch out to be a Retro Pikachu. The Pokemon may also find Tiny-mushroom.png Tiny Mushrooms, and berries. Pikachu and Pichu can also be recruited while your Pokemon is out on the mission. There is a higher chance to find a Shiny Pichu/Pikachu via rumbling in the Yellow Forest.

The Yellow Forest is currently no longer unlockable due to the Retro Pikachu Event ending, but users who have unlocked the rumble area from the event can still send out their Pokemon. Retro Pikachu is still obtainable, but at a lower chance. Spiky-eared Pichu can also be obtained here.

Route 102

During the ORAS Event, after completing three other tasks the user unlocked Route 102 and had to have a Pokemon explore it and return with a Lava Cookie as the last task.

Pokémon could also recruit common first-stage Hoenn Pokemon such as Wurmple and Taillow, but they could also very rarely find a Retro Poochyena, Retro Taillow or Retro Zigzagoon egg.

During the Hoenn Berry Battle from 16/09/17 to 06/10/17, it was possible to unlock Route 102 again, along with an update that made it possible for Pokémon to find a Retro Celebi.

Route 102 is currently no longer unlockable due to the Hoenn Berry Battle ending, but users who have unlocked the rumble area from the event can still send out their Pokemon.


If you have obtained a Deoxys egg (which is given to you by Prof. Rowan after completing your Hoenn dex), Rowan may randomly give you a quest to find a Brown Sack. The chance of Rowan giving you the quest is random each hour.

Once you accept the quest, he will ask you to find a Brown Sack from a specific Rumble Area. When you find the Brown Sack, you will have unlocked a new special Rumble Area which is "Space". It can only be explored by Deoxys. When sending your Deoxys to space, it has a chance of finding Star Pieces, Star Dust, or Meteorites - which are used to change Deoxys' form. Keep in mind that only one item is obtainable during each run.


After completing the Daycare Owner's quest (requires Trainerlevel 20) and hatching an Alolan Vulpix you were rewarded with the Alola Rumble Area. Unlocking this quest can occur randomly on a sunny day.

Alola Rumble missions can last between 12 hours to 2 days, and can be done by any Pokémon. Pokémons can only bring back a maximum of 1 Item, some Pokédollars and recruit an unlimmited amount of Alola Pokémons or Alola Eggs. It is also possible to recruit Shiny Pokémon. (Note: You must have a free spot to claim an egg, or else you'll fail claiming it.)

Obtainable Pokémons/Eggs

All (Alolan)-Pokémons can be obtained through Rumbling, and the Alolan eggs can contain all first stage (Alolan)-Pokémon. Raichu (Alolan), Exeggutor (Alolan) and Marowak (Alolan) can only be obtained here, since they are not breedable.

Obtainable Items

  • Pokéball [Common]
  • Berries [Common]
  • Burn Heal [Common]
  • Lemonade [Common]
  • Soda Pop [Common]
  • Ice Stone [Uncommon]
  • Sun Stone [Uncommon]
  • Nebula Stone [Rare]

Burned Tower

Burned Tower

During the Johto Apricorn Battle from 22/05/18 to 12/06/18, it was possible to unlock this rumble area.

Burned Tower rumble missions last one whole day and can be done with any Pokémon. You can only obtain one item at most with each run, a random amount of Pokédollars as well as recruiting Pokémon or even Pokémon eggs. It is also possible to recruit Shiny Pokémon. (Note: You must have a free spot to claim an egg, or else you'll fail to obtain it.)

Obtainable Pokémons/Eggs

If you were lucky enough to win an upgrade during the Johto Apricorn Battle, you are also able to find Retro Eggs that might hatch into Retro Lugia or Retro Ho-Oh.

Obtainable Items

  • Berries
  • Dusk Stone
  • Dark Gem
  • Ghost Gem