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Prof. Rowan
The Lab is one of the main places on PokéHeroes. It is where you obtained your first Starter Pokemon.

You can adopt new eggs, as well as see your current number of Pokédex entries.

As you progress through the game, Prof. Rowan may start giving you tasks and quests to complete.


The first box is simply an introduction to the game by Prof. Rowan.

The message may change depending on the Castform Weather on your user bar. The message will be related to the current weather on PokeHeroes.

Your Pokédex analysis

Pokédex analysis
Prof. Rowan will analyze your current number of entries in your Normal Pokédex and he will evaluate your number of Pokédex entries.


  • Once you have 50 Pokedex entries, Rowan will give you three evolution stones to pick from. A leaf stone, fire stone, and a water stone. A user can only pick one.
  • If you have got 300 Pokedex entries, Rowan will be willing to give you a Mega Powered Charmander egg.
  • A Resolute Stone is gifted by Rowan after having 200 EggDex entries.

Adopting a new egg

The lab showing eggs

To adopt a new egg, simply click on it. You will have four eggs to choose from. You will be able to see information about the eggs, such as their type, rarity and the species that the egg will hatch into.

This information is revealed little by little, but it is revealed three times faster if you are a Premium member.

Reveals Normal User Premium User
Type At 30 seconds At 10 seconds
Rarity At 2 minutes At 40 seconds
Pokémon At 5 minutes At 1:40 minutes

Sometimes when you try to claim an egg, you may not get it. This will happen if someone else claims the egg before you or if your party is full.

Untaken eggs are replaced by new eggs every 15 minutes, approximately.