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The Daycare is a main section of PokeHeroes Emera Town which is accessible by all players via the "Daycare" option menu.


It is important to note that it costs 50 Pokedollar.png per Pokémon for every hour you leave them in the daycare. You can have a maximum of two Pokémon in the daycare at once. You must have at least 100 Pokedollar.png in your credit balance at all times; otherwise, they will not breed. You can pay in advance by depositing Pokédollar into your daycare credit balance.

Remember, it costs a total of 50 Pokedollar.png per Pokémon, per hour. You are able to add Pokémon before paying, but your Pokémon will not produce any eggs, nor will they gain any experience until you pay.

To pay, you will need to add 50+ Pokedollar.png in the 'Credit' section.

Depositing Pokedollars

Adding Pokemon

When you place two compatible Pokémon in the daycare - via the “Daycare” option menu – the Pokémon will attempt to breed depending on how much they like each other. Successful breeding rates are higher when you place two Pokémon in the daycare of the same species/egg group:

(M.pngTalonflame.png + F.pngTalonflame.png)

To add Pokémon to the Daycare, you will need to press the '+' sign which is located in the middle of the page:

Adding Pokemon

After clicking the '+' sign, you will be able to select and choose any Pokémon which are currently in your party, or Pokémon located in your boxes. You cannot add eggs in the Daycare.

If you want to check the egg groups of any Pokémon, refer to this guide.

What happens while they are in the Daycare

Pokémon in the daycare will receive small amounts of experience, however if your credit balance is below 50 they will not receive further experience/and breed eggs.Once your daycare couple has successfully bred you will receive a Notif icon1.pngnotification from the daycare.

The message is as follows:

Hey, (Insert Username)! We recently found some eggs in our daycare. We're sure that those eggs belong to your Pokémon. We really don't know how this happened... However, try to take them as soon as possible, or I'll release them to the wild!

The chances of your breeding couple producing an egg are increased with better breeding pair compatibility. You can find out how compatible your breeding pair are by reading the text below the breeding pair at the Daycare. Consider choosing a breeding pair that would get along well so that they can produce more eggs.

The following messages may be shown:

"The two prefer to play with other Pokémon than each other."

"The two don't seem to like each other."

"The two seem to get along."

"The two seem to get along very well."

"The two seem to match perfectly."


Daycare Eggs
If the two pokemon are opposite genders (M.png & F.png), they may produce an egg which you can adopt from the Daycare Owner.

Most Pokémon (and Genderless Pokémon, including Mewtwo, Deoxys, Arceus and Genesect) may produce an egg if paired with a Ditto.

Eggs produced by your Pokémon will appear at the bottom of the page.

The shininess of the parents does NOT affect the shininess of the bred Pokémon. This means that if one (or both) of the parents is shiny there is no additional chance of that hatching a Shiny from the eggs bred by them.

If you do not obtain an egg in less than 24 hours, it will be released to the Tall Grass for other people to adopt.

Event Pokémon Eggs

  • The best chance to get an Event egg by breeding is to put two Event Pokémon of the same kind into the Daycare like two 10i.pngCatercream for example.
    • You will get two different kinds of eggs, the Event and Non-Event Pokémon!
  • If you pair an Event Pokémon with its Non-Event counterpart - 10i.pngCatercream + Caterpie - the chance of getting an Event egg is lower than if both parents are Event Pokémon.
    • You will get two different kinds of eggs: Event and even more Non-Event Pokémon than in the example above!
  • If you pair an Event Pokémon with a Pokémon of another species - 10i.pngCatercream + Weedle - the chance to get an Event egg will be even lower than if you use the Event with its Non-Event counterpart.
    • You will get three different kinds of eggs: Event and two different Non-Event Pokémon (Caterpie + Weedle)!
  • If you pair two different Event Pokémon - 10i.pngCatercream + I664su.pngScattercube - the chance to get one certain Event egg will be even lower than the pairings above.
    • You will get four different kinds of eggs: Two different Events and Non-Event Pokémon (Catercream, Scattercube & both of their Non-Event counterparts: Caterpie and Scatterbug)!

To identify an egg as an Event, you will need to use the Wide Lens on every egg in your Daycare, because their egg sprites won't show until you've adopted it. So if you are not hunting for shinies, you can simply adopt the eggs and hatch them.

Note: Special cases

  • 122mi.png Breeding Mr. Moody will give you two different Event eggs: Jolly Jr. and Sad Jr..
    • The egg sprites are identical, but hatching one of the two eggs while hunting the other will break your chain!
  • I338se.png Breeding Eclipseon will give you two different Event eggs: Selunar and Solastra.
    • The egg sprites are not identical, so it is easy to identify them easily after adopting.

Wide Lens

To find out what Pokemon is inside the egg, you can use the Wide-lens.png Wide Lens account upgrade from the item shop which will identify the Pokemon species inside the egg in xx minutes. It can be upgraded via the daycare page a total of three times.

Wide Lens V 1.0 scans and identifies any egg in 30 minutes.

Wide Lens V 2.0 scans and identifies any egg in 20 minutes.

Wide Lens V 3.0 scans and identifies any egg in 10 minutes.

Wide Lens V 4.0 scans and identifies up to three eggs in 10 minutes.