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A shiny Charizard
Almost every Pokémon species has an obtainable shiny version on PokéHeroes. This excludes the Harvest Sprites and very few legendaries.

Every Event Pokémon on PokéHeroes also has a shiny version.

Random Shinies

The chance of hatching a random Shiny from an egg is very low and currently secret. This probability is also not static, since it changes from user to user, from day to day, and is also based on other factors.
The item Shiny Charm strongly increases your chance of hatching a random Shiny. You receive this key item after filling your third Badge set.

Shiny Hunt

The Pokeradar is useful for hatching shinies
You can start a shiny hunt and chain a species of Pokemon after purchasing the item Pokéradar from the Item Shop

A detailed explanation about shiny hunting can be found in the Pokeradar-article.

Route 53

Only very lucky users may find a shiny Celebi on Route 53
The chance of finding a shiny Pokémon at the honeytree on Route 53, using Honey, is very high.

You don't have to catch the Pokémon to see if it's shiny or not, since these special colored Pokémon have their own Artwork on Route 53.

Special Shinies


  • The Legendary Dog Trio (Entei, Raikou, Suicune) can be obtained as a shiny version at the Game Center Prize Exchange for a huge amount of Game Chips.
  • A Shiny Lugia Voucher can be won at the Lottery if you purchased a lottery ticket containing all 5 matching Pokemon.
    • Guaranteed Shiny every 50 eggs:
    • The Lake Trio can be hatched as shiny by redeeming Lake Trio Vouchers at the Game Center.
    • The Swords of Justice can be hatched as shiny by cooking their consumable goods at the Berrygarden.
    • Hoopa can be hatched as shiny after finishing the Hoopa Quest.
    • MissingNo. can be hatched as shiny after finishing the Quest.

Easter Events