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Eggs hatch into Pokémon. Most Pokémon reproduce through eggs and the main way of getting Pokémon is through hatching eggs.

Egg appearances

A generic egg
Most eggs look like generic eggs, so you don't know what is inside them until they hatch.

Different Egg Designs


Some Pokémon, such as retro Pokémon and legendaries have their own egg sprite designs so you may notice what is inside them just by looking at them.

Getting eggs

There are a few ways of getting eggs in Pokéheroes:


The Lab is the main place where you can adopt eggs. Prof. Rowan always has four eggs ready to be adopted. To adopt one egg, simply click on it.
There is no limit on how many eggs you can adopt per day.


The Daycare is the place where you can deposit two Pokémon. Those two Pokémon will breed eggs if they are compatible. If they breed an egg, you will be able to adopt it by clicking on it.

Tall Grass

Untaken eggs in the Daycare are sent to the Tall Grass after 24 hours.

Event Distributions

Sometimes you may get special event eggs from events. If you want to see if there is an event running, check the current events section on the Wiki Main Page.

Game Center

In the Game Center, you will be able to buy some rare eggs with Game Chips (you can't get these eggs elsewhere, except for Dratini, which can breed in the Daycare) at the prize exchange.
You can also get a Lugia egg from the Pokémon lottery or Lake Trio eggs from the Golden Slot (in the legend mode). In these cases, you will get egg vouchers. Said vouchers can be redeemed at the prize exchange.

Gem Collector

You can trade gems (which may be found in different ways) for eggs at the Gem Collector. However, to trade for a particular pokemon egg, you must currently own that species or its evolutions. For example, to exchange gems for a Poliwag egg, you must own at least one of its 4 evolutions -- Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath or Politoed.
Some eggs such as events and most legendaries cannot be obtained from the gem collector.

Emera Square

You can get eggs by participating in the Bug-Hatching Contest and at the Prize Exchange.

Event Shop

In the Emera Mall's Event Shop you can also buy eggs with Event Points or by using an Event Pass.

Other methods

Hatching eggs


For an Egg to hatch, it requires EHP, or Egg Hatching Points. Eggs get EHP through interactions.
Eggs need to be kept warm in your party, meaning that they may not be stored in boxes. Eggs may not be traded or released either.
Every egg has its own EHP requirement. The most common requirement is 5,355, but they range from 510 EHP to 30,855 EHP.

Eggs hatch automatically once they meet their EHP requirement.


An egg may be interacted with from their Summary, using the option to warm it. Once it is warmed, it will get a small amount of EHP, which ranges from 50 EHP to 75 EHP per interaction, but this amount is modified by some factors:

  • If the user has a Premium account activated, EHP received is multiplied by 1.5.
  • If the user has blown a Flute, EHP is multiplied by 2.
  • If the egg is interacted from a direct link, EHP is multiplied by 0.25.
  • If the user has a Flame-orb.png Flame Orb, the egg gets an additional 10 EHP.

All these multipliers stack up, meaning that if the user is a Premium member and has blown a flute, EHP received will be multiplied by 3. The Flame Orb bonus is added after the multiplier.