Anniversary Gift

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Choosing an Anniversary Gift
The Anniversary Gift Pokemon is awarded to those who have been registered on PokeHeroes for 1 year.

After being registered for 1 year, you will receive a notification to claim your Anniversary Gift. You have the option between two different variants of the current Anniversary Pokémon. Each year, a user will only be able to select one and will have to wait until their next anniversary to be able to choose the other.

Starting from PokéHeroes's first anniversary in 2014, you were able to claim an Anniversary Cake.

On PokéHeroes' fourth anniversary in 2017, the Anniversary Cupcake got added as an option.

On PokéHeroes' eighth anniversary in 2021, the Pienda, the Anniversary Pie, got added as an option as well.

When claiming the gift, you will receive it directly in the form of an egg.

Note: Hatching the egg will not count towards your chain.