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Entrance to the safari
The Safari Zone was introduced on the 18th of April 2015, during the 'Big Spring Update'.

The Safari Zone can be found by hovering over 'Town' in the header after you reached Trainerlevel 12.
It's a place where you can catch regular and special Pokémon in the Safari Game. Unlike the original games there are no battles, instead you use the provided Safari Balls to catch Pokémon you like.


On the front page of the Safari Zone there are different sections shown.
It shows if you have Special Items in your possession to lure out certain Legendary Pokémon, Pokémon you caught in the Safari Zone and didn't claim or release yet, your Safari Chain if you have one and at the bottom you can start the Safari Game.

Special Items

There are 3 Special Items so far which you can find in Mystery Boxes.
These Special Items are used to summon different Legendary Pokémon to the Safari Zone.

Special Items on the Entrance

You can summon:

The Items won't disappear until you have caught the Legendary or give it to a Pokémon.
Note: The eggs you will get from catching a Legendary will break your PokéRadar Chain!

Caught Pokémon

Overview of all caught Pokémon
Here all Pokémon you caught in the Safari Zone are listed. The sprite, name and level of the caught Pokémon are displayed and the options to 'Release' or 'Claim' them. After choosing one option you won't be able to undo your decision!
Your caught Pokémon stack has reached its maximum!

You can hold up to 20 Pokémon and they won't be automatically released at server reset, you have to release them yourself or you won't be able to enter again until you have cleared your stack.
Each day you are able to adopt up to 6 Pokémon which will be added to your Party or the first Storage Box with enough space.

Safari Chain

Safari Chain
The Safari Chain is similar to the PokéRadar Chain.

As soon as you have caught 5 Pokémon of the same species in a row, your chain will be displayed at the Safari Zone Entrance. Like the Pokeradar chain you will reach the maximum chance of finding a shiny after you have caught 40 Pokémon in a row.
You are also able to find a shiny without having a safari chain, but with a chain the chances are increased!
Note: Shinies have their own sprites, so you will immediatly notice if it's a shiny or regular Pokémon like the Honeytree.
Note: Catching another Pokémon species - even a Vivillon with another pattern - will break the Safari Chain!

Start the Game

At the bottom of the Entrance page you can start the Safari Hunt Game by clicking on the 'Start' button.
To be able to play you have to pay the fee of 2,000 Pokedollar.png. Now you have 5 minutes to hunt in the Safari Zone and you will also receive 15x Safari Balls and 40x Poffins for your hunt.

The Safari Game

Safari Game
This game uses special keys to move around.

You use the W, A, S, D keys to move up, left, down, or right, respectively.
By holding SHIFT you gain extra speed and by using the Q-key you can switch between a Safari Ball and Poffin which you can throw with a double-click.
Note: The Safari Zone requires the use of a keyboard and mouse and is not mobile compatible!

The best way to catch a Pokémon is to slow it down first by throwing one or more Poffins in its way (double-click) - a message will appear at the top to tell you if it's slowed down or if you threw the Poffin too far left/right/high/low.
After slowing the Pokémon you can switch to the Safari Balls by pressing the Q-key and throw a Safari Ball at it (double-click). Again a message will appear and tell you if the Pokémon was 'caught' or 'broke free'.
There are 3 ways to get out of the Safari Zone: Run out of time, use all your Safari Balls, or simply exit the game by clicking on a new page.

Special Pokémon

Vivillon patterns available at the Safari Zone
The Safari Zone is a place where you can find a few special Pokémon which are not available elsewhere.

These are:

  • Rotom
  • Landorus
  • Thundurus
  • Tornadus
  • Vivillon with different patterns
    • Note: You will not be able to catch the following patterns: Poke Ball, Fancy and Pride