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The 'Gem Collector' can be accessed by hovering over 'Town'. The Gem Collector is a man called Greg. He collects gems, and is able to give you a Pokemon for gems. In addition to that, he holds a gem exchange for all PokeHeroes users to utilize.

Mysterious Kalos Eggs

Greg sells Legends from Kalos for a specific amount of gems, namely Xerneas and Yveltal. You need four different gem types and 75 gems each. Those gems types vary a from user to user except for the dragon gems and the gem amount in total.

Merging Gems

Merging Gems is a quest to obtain the Legendary Pokémon Zygarde in its different forms. In order to unlock this quest, you need to spend at least 500 gems of any type on regular gem trades with the collector.

Gem Cauldron

The Gem Cauldron is a special feature where you can boil gems to make items. It is unlocked when reaching Trainer Level 7.

Getting Pokémon

At the bottom of the 'Gem Collector' page, you are able to trade your gems in for a Pokemon recorded in your Pokedex.

Choosing a Pokemon

You are able to choose the Pokemon you want, and it will then show the amount of gems you own and the amount of gems you need. If you have the right amount of gems, the text will be green. If not, the text will be red. If you have the right amount, you press 'Trade', and you will recieve the Pokemon as an egg if you have a free spot in your party.

- The rarer the Pokemon is, the more gems you need to trade in!

- The price for an Unown egg will drop to 75 gems after getting all Unown EggDexes

- You cannot obtain event Pokemon from the Gem Collector.

- You can only obtain pre-evolved Pokemon.

Rarity regular egg fairy egg dragon egg regular egg fairy egg dragon egg
Easy 10 Gems 8 Gems 2 Gems 5:5 Gems 4:4 Gems 4:1 Gems
Medium 20 Gems 16 Gems 4 Gems 10:10 Gems 10:8 Gems 10:2 Gems
Hard 40 Gems 32 Gems 8 Gems 20:20 Gems 20:16 Gems 20:4 Gems
Rare 60 Gems 24 Gems 6 Gems 30:30 Gems 30:48 Gems 30:12 Gems
Starter 100 Gems - - 50:50 Gems - -
Unown 150 Gems - - - - -
Legend 5000 Gems - - 2500:2500 Gems - -
Ditto 10000 Gems - - - - -

Remember that eggs obtained from the Gem Collector count towards your shiny chain!

If you spend enough gems on these Eggs, you will unlock a quest for the new Galar Rumble Area. You also save up for a discount that increases the more gems you spend.

# of gems spent Discount
Less than 100,000 0%
100,000 - 250,000 10%
250,000 - 500,000 20%
500,000 - 750,000 30%
750,000 - 1,000,000 40%
More than 1,000,000 50%
Note: The Kalos Eggs also count; Raylong does not

Gem Exchange

In 'Gem Exchange', you are able to exchange your current gems with other users! There will be a list, showing other users offers. It will show what they will give, and what they want. If you have the gems they want, you may accept the offer, but if you don't, you can't,

Offer List

You are able to set up your own offer by opening a 'Spoiler Box' at the top of the page.

Setting up your own offer.

On the left, you select the gems you are willing to give. It will also show the amount of gems you have. On the right, you select the gems you want. Keep in mind, you need to make your offers fair! An offer like; x5 Water Gems - for - x50 Dragon Gems is not fair, and nobody will accept it.

Once you have made your offer, press 'Set Up'. Now other people can view it and will have the choice to accept the offer or not.

If you scroll down, you are able to view your offers, and you have the choice to decline the offer you set up.

How do I know if someone accepted my offer?

Once someone has accepted your offer, you will receive a Notification from the Gem Collector.

The Notification