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Emera Square was introduced as a part of PokeHeroes second anniversary.

It is unlocked when you reach Trainerlevel 7. Emera Square can be found by hovering over 'Town' in the header.
It's a place where special Events are held twice a month; the Bug-Hatching Contest or the Pokémon Beauty Contest.


When you enter Emera Square the option to choose one of the contests will be shown - with a note stating which one is currently running. Below the contests, the amount of your current Festival-points.png Festival Points is listed in the Price Exchange and also the available prizes you can get for your Festival Points.

  • The Bug-Hatching Contest starts on the 1st of every month.
  • The Pokémon Beauty Contest starts on the 14th of every month.

Special Events

The Square is the scene of some special activities that are finding their way to Emera Town for a limited time only. To find out more about these special events choose between the following articles:

Professor Oak's Contest

This contest is available once you have earned the Badge Rowan's Best Friend.

Every Monday, you will get a Pokémon that you need to raise over the span of a week - until Professor Oak picks that Pokémon up in the same week on Sunday, at 8am server time. Your aim is to have your Pokémon's level higher than the Pokémon Professor Oak is raising. If you're successful, you win the contest and will be rewarded. If not, you will have to try your luck again the following week. The rewards get better with each contest you win.

So far, the following Pokémon will be given to you for raising:

  • Pikachu
  • Eevee
  • Magikarp
  • Snorlax
  • Mewtwo

After you finish the five quests, you can start anew from zero.

Bug-Hatching Contest

Welcome to the Bug-Hatching Contest!
The Bug-Hatching Contest is held on the 1st to 7th of every month. You can submit your Pokémon till the end of the 8th and the following day the results will be published.

The Mini Game

Click all Bug Pokémon you see!
To load the Mini Game you just have to click on 'Start' in the Game window and wait a few seconds so the Pokémon Sprites can preload.

As soon as it starts you will have 120 seconds to click as many Bug Pokémon as you can. Every Bug Pokémon you clicked will gain you "1 Point". If you click a Pokémon which isn't a Bug Type you will lose "3 Points". The higher your score the higher is your chance to win a rare Bug Pokémon Egg! But you will need at least 10 Points to get an Egg at all!
Note: The Bug-Contest Eggs won't break your Shiny Chain!

Rate a Pokémon

Let the jury rate your Bug Pokémon!
After hatching the Bug Egg from the Mini Game you can now rate it by clicking on the 'Rate a Pokémon' button. You will receive a small amount of Festival Points for every new rated Pokémon and your Top 5 Pokémon will be displayed below. Rerating a Pokémon after evolving it might slightly increase its stats, but you won't get more Festival Points.

Be aware that you are only able to rate Bug Pokémon from the Mini Game and only if you are the original trainer, therefore it is impossible to rate someone else's Pokémon.


At the bottom of the page are the Top 20 Bug Pokémon from the last contest displayed, their owner and how many Festival Points the Bug won for being in the Top 20. If one of your Pokémon is in the Top 20 you will receive some more Festival Points, the higher the ranking the more Festival Points you will get.

Pokémon Beauty Contest

Welcome to the Pokémon Beauty Contest
The Pokémon Beauty Contest is held every 14th-20th of the month and afterwards, you get to rate all submitted pictures before the results of the public votes are published on the 23rd.

You can dress up and submit up to five Pokémon Photos.

The Tasks

You will get different Tasks to fulfill. Each time you completed a task you will gain a very small amount of Festival Points (1-7) and some dress up items or backgrounds.

Available Tasks
Your current task!
  • Hatch an egg!
  • Flip the coin!
  • Play the Treasure Hunt!
  • Reach Level X at the Higher or Lower Game!
  • Solve some Hangmen!
  • Buy a Plushie at the Dream World Shop and send it to another user!
  • Check out the Auction House and bid on an interesting Pokémon! Good luck.
  • Interact with USERNAME's Pokémon!
  • Make some interactions!
  • Feed some berries to Pokémon!
  • Raise your PARTY POKEMON's Level to X
  • Lucky! There is no task for you!

If you don't like the current task, you can skip it by clicking on the button, but you will have to wait 30 minutes to get the next task!

Dressing up

Customize your Pokémon by adding accessoires from your Fashion Case!
To dress up a Pokémon you need to click on the 'Accessory Tool' button at the bottom of the page. After this you need to choose one of your Pokémon to dress it up.

On the left, from your chosen Pokémon, is the Fashion Case displayed with all your accessory items and below you have 2 options for your background. Click on one item to choose it and use the arrows on the right side to move this item into position.
After choosing an item it will also be listed on the right side of the Photo 'Used Accessories'. To move an item to the back- or foreground you click on the item you wish to move from the 'Used Accessories' list and click on Move towards fore-/background or you can Remove it completely again and the item will go back into your Fashion Case.

After you are done with your Photo you need to click on the button below Take Photo.
Taking a Photo will cost you a fee of 100 Pokedollar.png for every Photo you wish to take.

Note: After you take the Photo you can't edit it anymore! If you wish to change something you will need to make a new one!

The Rating

Please rate the photographs on a scale from 1 to 10!
As soon as the public voting begins on the 21st you will be able to rate every submitted Pokémon Photo from 1 to 10 stars [1 = really bad; 10 = totally awesome!].

You will also randomly get a small amount of Festival Points during the rating.