Royal Tunnel

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Example of a Royal Tunnel level.
The Royal Tunnel is a minigame on Pokeheroes that allows you to obtain Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. It is found under the "Town" tab upon reaching Trainerlevel 15. It was implemented on January 5, 2014.

How To Play

Incorrectly answering a question.

To begin an exploration, you must pay the amount of Pokedollars needed for the path chosen. There are four paths to choose from, and each one gets unlocked after the previous one has been completed.

  • Beginner Path - Costs 200 Pokedollar.png , has 20 levels.
  • Advanced Path - Costs 1,000 Pokedollar.png , has 50 levels.
  • Pro Path - Costs 5,000 Pokedollar.png , has 100 levels.
  • Endless Path - Costs 7,500 Pokedollar.png , has an endless number of levels.

Pausing the Game

Tired or have to leave the keyboard? Take a break every X01 Level!

As soon as you have unlocked the Endless Path, you will be able to pause the game and return later to it. This option appears every time you reach a X01 Level (101, 201, 301, ..., 1001, 1101, ... and so on). Your break can be as long as you like, you can even close the tab, log out of PokéHeroes, don't play at all for as long as you like and you will still be able to continue where you stopped.


At the end of each path (with the exception of the Endless Path), you can find an egg containing one of the Regi trio. The Beginner Path gives Regirock, the Advanced Path gives Regice, and the Pro Path gives Registeel.
At the Endless Path you will be able to receive some more Regi-eggs randomly and every 1000, 2000, 3000 etc. Levels you will receive a random Shiny Regi-Egg!
Note: You need a free space in your party to be able to receive a Regi-egg!
There is a small chance of receiving a random gem after correctly answering a question.

Regigigas Quest

After you have unlocked the Endless Path you are also able to solve the Regigigas-Quest.