Easter Event 2014

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Easter Bunnelby‎ egg design.

The Easter Event was a special event related to Easter. It lasts from 16/04/14 to 30/04/14 (Event Ended).
The only thing required is the Trainerlevel. To find all ten eggs, you had to be Level 5 or higher.(How to Obtain Trainer Points)

The task

The task was to search for 10 Easter Eggs that were hidden carefully around all of PokéHeroes. If you found at least 6 of the 10 Easter eggs, you would be able to get a Special Event, which is an Easter Bunnelby egg.

However, if you found all ten eggs', there was a special surprise waiting for you, which is a Shiny Easter Bunnelby egg.

You were not allowed to ask for spoilers about the location of the eggs. Everyone had to find the ten eggs by themselves.

Easter Raffle

A raffle was announced on 19/04/14. A video was made by Riako, explaining the raffle.

If users had found 3 or more eggs, they were able to participate in a Eeveelution Plushie raffle (There will be 5 winners to win a Umbreon, Sylveon, Flareon, Glaceon or Eevee plushie). Users had to put down their address and country on the Easter Event page.

Easter Eggs

Easter Event Page.
Each egg has its own color.

The eggs were static on their location and will NOT appear/disappesr randomly.

The egg sprites are displayed below. None of these are the actual eggs

1 (1).png2.png3.png4.png5.png


Egg Locations

The 10 eggs were placed in the following locations: