Easter Slakoth

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Evolution line
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Evolution: Easter Vigoroth

Easter Slakoth is an Event Pokémon which is distributed through the 2017 Easter Event where the user had to find at least 10 of 15 hidden Easter Eggs anywhere on the website and was released starting 21/Apr/2017.
If a user was able to find all 15 of their Hidden Easter Eggs, they would receive two Easter Slakoth Eggs with one of those being Shiny.




Pokedex information:
It spends nearly all its time in a day sprawled out, eating Easter Eggs.
Species: Easter Bunny Types: Normal.gif
EHP: 4,080 EXP to level 100: 1,250,000
Egg group: Field Mega Capable: N/A
Gender Ratio:

Male M.png: 50%    Female F.png: 50%    Genderless G.png: —%


Normal Shiny Shiny star.png
0287e.png 1287e.png


Easter Slakoth evolves into Easter Vigoroth starting at level 18, which evolves into Easter Slaking starting at level 36.