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Mystery Boxes and Mystery Keys all contain different items in them. Some are valuable and some are not, but in order to open these boxes, you need color matching keys. The items you receive are all random, and there will not be specific items in specific boxes.

Obtaining Boxes & Keys

Both boxes and keys may be found by rumbling. Your Pokémon may find one or more boxes and keys, and may find different colored ones. Occasionally you can exchange fish pokemon caught at the Emera Beach for mystery boxes with Leah the Mermaid.

The Gold Box can only be won in the Golden Slot when playing in the Legend Mode. However, Gold Keys can be found by rumbling.

Opening boxes

To open boxes, you will need to have keys which will match the color of the boxes.

To use your keys, you will need to go to your Item Bag which can be accessed from the Index Page, or by hovering over the 'Home' tab. You will then need to go to 'Special' and there you should see all the keys and boxes you own. To actually open them, you will need to press...

It looks like you got your hands on some mystery boxes. Click here to open them.

Obtainable items

The following items can be obtained when opening Mystery Boxes;

Black Mystery Boxes

Black Mystery Boxes and Keys were released as part of the latest Gem Cauldron update. They can be obtained randomly when boiling recipes in the cauldron, although they are very rare. The black box can also be obtained occasionally by exchanging an offer with Leah the Mermaid at Emera Beach. Certain items can only be obtained from opening these boxes. They include:

Boxes & Keys on Pokeheroes

These are the only obtainable boxes and keys on Pokeheroes.

Color Box Key
Brown Mystery-box-(brown).png Mystery-key-(brown).png
Dark Blue Mystery-box-(dark-blue).png Mystery-key-(dark-blue).png
Gold Mystery-box-(gold).png Mystery-key-(gold).png
Green Mystery-box-(green).png Mystery-key-(green).png
Light blue Mystery-box-(light-blue).png Mystery-key-(light-blue).png
Pink Mystery-box-(pink).png Mystery-key-(pink).png
Purple Mystery-box-(purple).png Mystery-key-(purple).png
Red Mystery-box-(red).png Mystery-key-(red).png
Black Mystery-box-(black).png Mystery-key-(black).png
  • Mystery-box-(silver).png Mystery-key-(silver).png Mystery Box (Silver) & Mystery Key (Silver) are not possible to obtain, and it's currently unknown if and when they will be released.