New Moon Island (Map)

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Terra-cave-(map).png With the New Moon Island Map you can unlock the New Moon Island rumble area. The Island can be explored by every Pokémon Type.

How to obtain it

The New Moon Island Map can only be obtained by opening Black Mystery Boxes.

How to use it

If you have a New Moon Island Map in you item bag, the new area will be displayed when you send a Pokémon on a new rumble mission.

This rumble area can only be explored during a New Moon. Check the Weather News to find out the current moon phase.

When you Pokémon has explored the area for some time, it will find Darkrai and challenge it. If your Pokémon defeats Darkrai, it will travel back with a Red Lunar Wing. If your Pokémon loses, it will return with the map and you can resend it or another Pokémon to the area again.


  • New Moon Island Maps are tradeable.