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Event Shop banner

The Event Shop is a shop which can be accessed through the Emera Mall. In the shop you are able to buy event Pokemon eggs using currency called Event-points.png Event Points. This shop was released in January 2014

Buying Event Pokemon

Event Pokemon in shop.

Each Event Pokemon is sorted by rarity. The rarer the Event is/was, the more event points it will cost.

Rarity Event Points
Common (C) 1,200 Event-points.png
Uncommon (U) 2,000 Event-points.png
Rare (R) 3,700 Event-points.png
Legendary (***) 6,500 Event-points.png

This shop makes it also possible(/easier) to hunt the Event-Pokémon. That means hatching an egg from the Event Shop breaks your chain.

As of September 2014 the event shop has been updated into categories according to the years they were released in.

Obtaining Event Points

There are several ways to get some Event Points

  • Some of them are hidden in Mystery Boxes.
  • You may be rewarded with some Event Points from time to time after fulfilling certain tasks.
  • Or you can buy them with Nuggets at his shop.

Buying them with Nuggets

Special Offers & Event Passes

You can buy packs using nuggets you own. For the starter pack, 10,000 Event Points will cost 900 Nuggets. You will be saving 10%. For the Multi Pack, you can buy 25,000 Event Points which will be 2000 Nuggets.


If you want a specific amount of Event Points, you can use the Converter which will be at the top of the page.

You can get 10 Event-points.png Event Points for 1 nugget.

Event Pass

Using an Event Pass
This feature was added on 21/09/2014 and is available only to Premium users. This feature enables you to get "free" event eggs of one kind to help you while trying to chain the event. You must pay an initial fee of Event Points to purchase an Event Pass. The price will increase as the rarity of the event increases.

Once you have purchased an event pass, you may activate it any time you wish to do so. It cannot be undone and is a single use item.

You can receive as many free eggs from the event you have selected until you hatch your first shiny Pokemon. Then, your Event Pass will expire. You can still chose to continue your chain, but you can no longer claim free Pokemon from the event shop without purchasing another Event Pass.

After purchasing two Event Passes in a row and continuing your chain, the price of your next Event Pass will halve itself though only for the Event Pokemon you are hunting.

Your Event Pass will also expire if you break your chain.