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Only Pokémon which can Gigantamax in Pokémon Sword and Shield can Gigantamax on PokeHeroes. There may be Gigantamax Pokémon that are unreleased and are unable to perform Gigantamax evolution on PokéHeroes.

How to get Giga Pokémon

Gigantama evolution on a Pokémon's Summary page
Only Pokémon on this list are capable of Gigantamax evolution.

It's only possible for a Pokémon to perform Gigantamax evolution on PokéHeroes if the Pokémon is level 100 or higher. You will also be able to view how many Dynamax Crystals are needed to Gigantamax a Pokémon on their Summary page. If you have enough Dynamax Crystals to perform Gigantamax evolution on a Pokémon, then you will be able to do so directly from the Pokémon's Summary page. You are also able to use Dynamax Crystals to perform Gigantamax evolution on a Pokémon through the Evo. Stones section of your Item Bag.

How to get Dynamax Crystals

There's currently two known ways of obtaining Dynamax Crystals aside from trading with other users. You're able to obtain Dynamax Crystals uncommonly from sending your Pokémon on a Galarian Rumble. The other way to currently obtain Dynamax Crystals is through Speed Click Saturday. You're able to exchange Sc-token.png10 SC-Tokens per 1 Dynamax Crystal. There's no limit on how many exchanges that you're able make.

Dynamax Crystals needed for Gigantamax evolution

The amount of Dynamax Crystals needed to perform Gigantax evolution may vary between Pokémon. What determines the amount of Dynamax Crystals needed to perform Gigantamax evolution is based upon the Pokémon's rarity, as well as their shinyness.

Rarity Normal Shiny
Easy Dynamax-crystal.png 1 Dynamax-crystal.png 5
Medium Dynamax-crystal.png 2 Dynamax-crystal.png 10
Hard Dynamax-crystal.png 3 Dynamax-crystal.png 15
Rare Dynamax-crystal.png 4 Dynamax-crystal.png 20
Starter Dynamax-crystal.png 5 Dynamax-crystal.png 25
Special Dynamax-crystal.png 5 Dynamax-crystal.png 25

Note: Gigantamax evolution is not reversable!