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The Trainerlevel is defined by the number of Trainerpoints that a user has earned. There is no limit to the level you can be.


You can see your Trainerlevel in the userbar located at the top of every page. If you hover over it, you will see the needed Trainerpoints to go up to the next level. (You can also see this on your userpage.) The higher the level you are, the more Trainerpoints you will need to reach the next level. You can see other users' level in their userpages.

Obtaining Trainerpoints

Adopting a new Pokémon

Every time that you adopt a new Pokémon/Egg, you get a small amount of trainerpoints.

Hatching an egg

Every time you hatch an egg, you will obtain some trainerpoints, based on their rarity. The higher the rarity, the more Trainerpoints you obtain. For example, hatching an Event Pokemon egg will give you 75 Trainer Points.


You obtain some Trainerpoints by interacting with other Pokémon/Eggs.

Game Center:

If you spend time at the Game Center, you might obtain some Trainerpoints.


You receive Trainerpoints by trading with other users. This is limited to a maximum of three trades per day.

There are some other ways to obtain Trainerpoints, but they are not shared here.


You can unlock or upgrade some features of the site at a certain level.