Dynamax Crystal

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Dynamax-crystal.png A Dynamax Crystal is an item that allows certain Pokémon to perform Gigantamax evolution.

How to obtain them

  • They can be obtained uncommonly by Pokémon bringing them back from a Galarian Rumble mission.
  • They can also be obtained through Speed Click Saturday by exchanging Sc-token.png10 SC-Token for 1 Dynamax Crystal.

How to use them

  • They can be used from your Item Bag by navigating to the Evo. Stones section.
  • They can also be directly used on a Pokemon's Summary Page. That's if the Pokémon has a Gigantamax evolution and meets the requirements to perform its Gigantamax evolution.


  • Dynamax Crystals are trade able.
  • Gigantamax Evolution is not reversible.