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The tutorial page
The Newbie Tutorial is a simple tutorial to help new users get started on their PokéHeroes journey. There will be Professor Rowan's icon in your Userbar. Once you click it, you will be directed to the tutorial page where you will find multiple tasks you have to complete. You will have to complete all of the tasks to finish the tutorial, which will allow you to unlock many of the site's features.
Professor Rowan's icon in your Userbar.


There are 11 tasks you will have to do in order to complete the Newbie Tutorial. You will be presented with a few tasks and will receive more tasks for every one you complete until you've unlocked all 11 tasks.

The tasks, in order, are ...


Congratulations! You completed the Tutorial!

Even after the tutorial, there is so much more that you can still do on PokéHeroes! By raising your Trainerlevel, you can unlock certain features that were previously unaccessible. The tutorial will not help you with that, but you can always check the "Help Forums" or "Guides", submit your question to the "Support Center", or even check here, The PokéHeroes Wiki! You can also directly ask your question to one of the Staff Members if your questions are still unanswered!