Autumn Alakazam

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Evolution line
63a.png 063a.png 064a.png 065a.png
Pre-evolution: Autumn Kadabra

Autumn Alakazam is an Event Pokemon obtained from 16/Nov/2014 to 26/Nov/2014 through the Event Distribution




Pokedex information:
They are masters of gardening, spending most of their time wiping autumn leaves.
Species: Autumn Types: Psychic.gif
EHP: 5,355 EXP to level 100: 1,059,860
Egg group: Human-Like Mega Capable: N/A
Gender Ratio:

Male M.png: 75%    Female F.png: 25%    Genderless G.png: —%


Normal Shiny Shiny star.png
065a.png 165a.png
Mega Sprites
Normal Shiny Shiny star.png
065am.png 165am.png


Autumn Alakazam can Mega-Evolve into Mega Autumn Alakazam if it has a mega bubble on it's summary page + holding a mega stone, and reaches level 50.