Mega Stone

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Mega-stone.png Mega Stones can be used to mega evolve Pokemon.

How to find them

There are currently three ways to obtain a Mega Stone:

  • You can get one from the Gem Cauldron by boiling 5 Gems of each type within the given time limit. You will have to wait 2 days till the boiling is done.
  • You can get one by exchanging some Fish Pokemon & Big Pearls with Leah the Mermaid at the Emera Beach.
  • Some Mega Stones can also be obtained through special events.

How to use it

You can Mega Evolve a Pokemon only if it has a Mega Bubble on its summary page. You can mega evolve it by giving it the Mega Stone to hold, and letting it reach Level 50.


  • Mega Stones are tradeable.
  • Mega Evolution is not reversible.