Route 53

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Route 53 is a feature which can be accessed by hovering over the Town tab, which is at the top of every page, and then selecting Route 53.

Route 53 gives access to three areas; the Honeytree, Honeycombs and MooMoo Ranch.


Honeytree image.
The Honeytree is a place where you can slather the bark with Honey to try and lure a wild Pokémon so that you can capture it.

Once a Pokémon appears, you have the option to throw a Pokéball, Greatball, Ultraball or to scare the Pokémon away.

Pokémon caught at the Honeytree have a higher chance of being Shiny and Mega-Able' with shiny pokemon having their own artwork.

The Pokémon currently obtainable at the Honeytree include Munchlax, Wurmple, Heracross, Aipom, Combee, Cherubi, Burmy (Plant Cloak), the event Pokémon Slowyore and the legendary Pokémon Celebi.


Honeycombs image.
The Honeycombs is located on Route 53 and is where Honey may be produced.

When you enter the Honeycombs, you are given the option to leave a Male Combee there. If you leave a Combee at the Honeycombs, it will eventually produce Honey which can be claimed every once in awhile.

There is also the possibility of building more Honeycombs, to get space for more Combee. The Max. Number of Honeycombs you can have is 3.

MooMoo Ranch

MooMoo Ranch image.
MooMoo Ranch is located on Route 53 and it is where the item Moomoo-milk.pngMooMoo Milk is produced.

Moomoo-milk.pngMooMoo Milk is obtained through 'milking' the Miltank left there, through the item Milker.png Milker, which can be obtained at the item shop for 2000 Pokedollar.png Pokedollar. Also, the Miltank can be 'milked' more than once.

Once you enter MooMoo Ranch, you are given an option to leave a Miltank there. If you leave a Miltank, it may produce Moomoo-milk.pngMooMoo Milk. MooMoo Milk is used in cooking.

For a Miltank to produce MooMoo Milk, you have to leave enough berries at the ranch. They will happily accept any berry.