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Mega [[Easter Lopunny]]
Mega [[Easter Lopunny]]
| style="border:1px solid #606060; text-align:center"|[[File:0354z.png]]
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| style="border:1px solid #606060; text-align:center"|[[File:0354mz.png]]
Mega [[Banettenstein‎]]

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Only Pokemon which can mega evolve in Pokemon X and Y can mega evolve on Pokeheroes. Pokeheroes Event Pokemon can also Mega Evolve.

Only a Pokemon with a Mega Bubble icon on it's summary page will be able to mega evolve.

How to get Mega Pokemon

Mega Bubble on a Pokemon's summary page.
Only Pokemon on this list are capable of mega evolving - and on the Event Pokemon list below.

A Pokemon may randomly hatch out from a normal egg with a 'Mega bubble' on it's summary page. Some Mega Powered Pokemon are/were obtainable through special events, Such as; Mega Powered X and Y Mewtwo, Mega Powered Torchic, and Mega Powered Charizard X and Y.

How to get a Mega Stone

There are currently two ways to obtain a Mega Stone. You may get one by boiling it in the Gem Cauldron. It is the rarest item (and the hardest) to get from the Gem Cauldron. You can also find one when playing the Treasure Hunt game in the Game Center. Some Mega Stone's can also be obtained through special events.

How to mega evolve Pokemon

To Mega Evolve your Mega Powered Pokemon, you will need to give it a Mega Stone to hold. (This can be done through the item bag) Once the Pokemon reaches level 50, it will evolve and the Mega Stone will disappear. Mega Evolutions are not reversible

Mega Evolving Event Pokemon

The only PH event Pokemon which can be mega evolved are Festival Gardevoir, Lucario-sensei, Spring Ampharos, Summer Ampharos, Autumn Alakazam, Winter Camerupt and Easter Lopunny

Retro Charmander, Retro Bulbasaur and Retro Squirtle may hatch with a mega bubble on their summary page, but currently cannot be mega evolved, but may in the future.

Normal Sprites * Mega Sprites


to 0448sm.png

Mega Lucario-sensei


Summer Ampharos

to 0181pm.png

Mega Summer Ampharos


Spring Ampharos

to 0181sm.png

Mega Spring Ampharos


Festival Gardevoir

to 0282km.png

Mega Festival Gardevoir


Autumn Alakazam

to 065am.png

Mega Autumn Alakazam

Pkmnimage.winter camerupt.png

Winter Camerupt

to 0323wm.png

Mega Winter Camerupt



to 0334mc.png

Mega Candaria


Sala da Menci

to 0373ma.png

Mega Sala da Menci


Lord Salamence

to 0373ms.png

Mega Lord Salamence


Easter Lopunny

to 0428me.png

Mega Easter Lopunny



to 0354mz.png

Mega Banettenstein‎