Waiter Dresses

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Waiter-dress-(green).pngWaiter-dress-(red).pngWaiter-dress-(blue).png Waiter Dresses are Forme-changing Items used to change Simisage (Waiter), Simisear (Waiter), and Simipour (Waiter) into their Waiter Forms. They come in three different colors, green, red, and blue, respectively.

How to obtain it

You can obtain any Waiter Dress at random chance by tipping the waiter at the Los Seashellos Restaurant at Emera Beach when you buy a dish.

How to use it

Go to the Item Bag and give a Simisage, Simisear, or Simipour the item to hold and it will change its form. If the item is removed, it will revert to its original Form.


  • Waiter Dresses are tradeable.