Vivillon (Pride)

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Vivillon (Pride) is an event Pokemon which was obtainable during the event from 03/Sep/18 to 16/Sep/18.

Vivillon (Pride)
Description: In the Pokémon world, everyone is treated equally - regardless of the region you come from, of who you love, or what pattern you have on your wings!
Distribution: 03/Sep/2018 to 16/Sep/2018
Vivillon (Pride) Wonder card.

It is immediately added to your team, without needing to be hatched.


Pokedex information:
Vivillon with many different patterns are found all over the world. In the Pokémon world, all of them are treated equally.
Species: Queer Types: Bug.gifFlying.gif
EHP: 3,840 EXP to level 100: 1,000,000
Egg group: Bug
Gender Ratio:

Male: 50% ......Female: 50%


Normal Shiny
0666zp.png 1666zp.png


Vivillon (Pride) does NOT evolve.