Unown Flake

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Evolution line
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Unown Flake is an Event Pokémon that was given as a reward for opening at least 20 doors during Advent Calendar 2018.

You can buy Unown Flake from the Event Shop for 3,700 Event-points.png Event Points.




Pokedex information:
When alone, nothing happens. However, if there are two or more, a white winter wonderland is created.
Species: Symbol Types: Psychic.gifIce.gif
EHP: 10,455 EXP to level 100: 1,000,000
Egg group: Unown Mega Capable: N/A
Gender Ratio:

Male M.png: —%    Female F.png: —%    Genderless G.png: 100%



Unown Flake does NOT evolve.