Spooky Manor (Map)

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Terra-cave-(map).png A Spooky Manor (Map) is an item which will unlock the Spooky Manor rumble area which can only be explored by a Ghost or Dark type Pokemon.

How to obtain it

You can obtain a Spooky Manor Map by completing the Giratina Quest in the Ancient Cave if you have hands on a Griseous Orb.

How to use it

If you have the Spooky Manor Map in your item bag, you will be able to send a Dark/Ghost type Pokemon to this Rumble Area. The Dark/Ghost Pokemon is able to explore this special area and will battle Giratina. If your Pokemon wins the battle, it will return with a Dark Orb. If it loses, it will return with the map, allowing you to re-send the Pokemon to the area.


  • Spooky Manor Maps are tradeable.