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The Salon is a feature that was introduced on Pokeheroes' 1st Birthday. It is located in the "Emera Mall" section under the "Town" tab. This shop only accepts Pokedollar.png Pokedollars as its currency. The Salon is used for changing the style of your Furfrou, or to boost the stats of any Pokémon with a massage.

Furfrou Salon

This is the section in the shop where you can give your Furfrou a haircut. When you first visit this page, only 3 haircuts will be available; Star, Heart, and Diamond (Basic Haircuts). Each one of these haircuts adds a new entry to your Pokedex. The basic haircuts will all cost 1,000 PD each.

Keep in mind that the salon takes 20 minutes to cut a Basic haircut. After the 20 minutes is up, your Furfrou will have a new haircut.

These haircuts are not permanent. Your Furfrou's hair will "re-grow" after a few days and revert back to normal.

To unlock more hairstyles, you must give your Furfrou's the Basic Haircut multiple times. After using it, you will unlock the next section of haircuts. The second section of haircuts consist of Dandy, Matron and Debutante (Fancy Haircuts). These haircuts 45 minutes and cost 2,000 PD each.

The third section of haircuts are the most expensive and exotic haircuts available. They are Pharaoh, La Reine and Kabuki (Royal Haircuts). Each haircut costs 3,000 PD and takes 1 hour to complete. Similar to the previous section, you need to order the previous section of haircuts several times to unlock this section.

During December 2017, there was one additional option which made it possible to get a Santa Haircut for your Furfrou. The cut cost 5,000 PD and took 3 hours to complete.

Furfrous are the only Pokemon that can currently use this haircut system. More Pokemon may be capable of getting haircuts in the future.

Permanent Haircuts

Giving permanent haircuts
You can choose the option of giving it a permanent haircut. This option can be found below the haircut options. These permanent haircuts are more expensive and take longer to finish. In order to give your Furfrou a permanent haircut, you first have to give it a temporary haircut. It's that haircut the salon makes permanent; you can't give it a permanent haircut straight from the start. Once ordered, these haircuts cannot be undone.


Massages available
This is a feature to boost your Pokemon's stats. There are many treatments to choose from that will boost different types of stats. Keep in mind - they cost different amounts and take different amounts of time to finish.

To give your Pokemon a massage, select the type of massage you would like your Pokemon to get, and after waiting the required time, you will find that its stats have been increased. Remember to collect your pokemon from the salon after it is finished with its massage.

Each pokemon can only have one massage daily.