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Retro Pokemon are Pokemon with Gen 1-3 sprites. They are not breedable.

Obtaining Retro Pokémon

Not all the Retro Pokémon are obtainable currently, but some can be obtained by purchasing Premium-ship.


  • 129.png - Retro Magikarp is currently only once obtainable as a gift from Prof. Rowan for helping him in a quest.
  • 151.png - Retro Mew can be obtained as a voucher when purchasing 1 year Premium membership.
  • 183.png - Retro Marill was an event Pokemon obtainable from 22/May/2018 to 12/Jun/2018 through the Johto Apricorn Battle. You were able to win one every day if you make Top 50.
  • 175 (1).png - Retro Togepi can be obtained from the Daycare. After adopting 500 eggs from the daycare, the owner will ask you if you would like to take care of a mysterious egg. You can get another Retro Togepi for every 500 eggs you adopt form the Daycare.
  • 249.png 250-t.png - Retro Lugia and Retro Ho-Oh were randomly obtainable as reward during the Speed Click Event in February 2018. They are now obtainable though the Burned Tower Rumble Area if it was unlocked during the Johto Apricorn Battle 22/May/2018 to 12/Jun/2018.