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The Fun Fair visited Emera Town for the first time on September 1st to 18th 2022.

The founder and owner of the travelling fun fair Newton N. Meowth the Second welcomes visitors for the annual festivities to spend some time (and money) on various booths and minigames.
Successfully beating a minigame will award you with Fair Tickets, which can later be exchanged for normal or special prizes!

After the Fun Fair travels on, all remaining Fair Tickets are converted into Festival Points.

The Corn Maze

For a 500 PDs fee you gain access to The Maze.
In order finish it successfully you have to find 5 different stickers and find your way out. But be careful! Random Pokemon will block your way and you are also able to find some rare items on your search for the exit.
You can go back to the Fun Fair and re-enter the maze without having to pay the fee again at any time during the same day.

Wingull Gulf

For the price of 1,500 PDs you can play this shooting game. During those about 2 minutes your goal is to click on every (Shiny) Wingull and Pelipper to gain points. But be careful, those bird Pokemon are not the only ones flying around and clicking any other Pokemon will reduce your points!
The higher your score the more Fair Points you earn at the end.

You can play this game multiple times if you willing to pay the fee each try. But after every game you have a cool down time around 30 minutes - the time might increase depending on the frequency you play the mini-game.

Ducklett Fishing

The playing fee for this mini-game is 580 PDs each time.
Several Ducklett, Baby Ducklett, Swablu and sometimes even Shiny Ducklett swim from side to side. Each one of those have a random number below them which is the amount of Fair Tickets your will recive. You can take as long as you like to choose one.
After each game you have a cool down time of 15 minutes which you can reduce by doing some interactions.

Apple Bobbing

For the fair price of 100 PDs you can try your luck at Applin dipping daily.
The prizes are different each day:

  • A shiny or mega able boost for your party, some Fair Tickets or even rare shiny Applin, Flapple and Appletun plushies.

Winning Booth

Rare Retro eggs:
Kanto Starter Kanto Birds Johto Starter

The eggs change daily with one of each group to choose from. These egg have the possibility to hatch as shiny!

Unique prizes:Special item prizes:Regular item prizes:
  • Selfie Stick
  • Mega Stone
  • random Gems
  • Secret prize:
    If you collect enough Fair Tickets and prove yourself to Newton N. Meowth, he gives you an egg with his first born.