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Newbie Mentoring is a program that is unlocked at Trainerlevel 25 through the Community tab. It serves to be a program in which you can enroll in to help out newer players that have joined the site.

Newbie Mentoring was first introduced in an update on September 3rd, 2018.


  • Must be Trainerlevel 25.
  • Must be at least a 3-month-old member.
  • You must not have any recent warnings for breaking the site rules. If you have any warnings that are currently expiring, then you will not be eligible to enroll in becoming a Newbie Mentor (you can always check your warnings here).

How It Works

Newbie Mentoring notification
When enrolled as a Newbie Mentor, you're able to receive assignment requests on occasion for helping a new member. These will appear at random intervals, and you'll be notified of them through notifications. Be aware that an assignment request will only appear for a brief amount of time for you before another Mentor is given the assignment.
New assignment request
After accepting an assignment, you'll be given approximately 10 minutes to send the new user a Private Message offering to help them. A while after doing so, you will see more tasks open up for the following user under your assignments.

Your assignments will be removed, or expire if the user you're mentoring has been inactive on PokéHeroes after a week, or if they've been mentored for 2 months.

There's no limit to how many assignments you can have. However, only up to a limit of 15 will be displayed at max.

Newbie Mentoring option
You may also opt out of receiving new assignment requests for Newbie Mentoring, which can be found at the bottom of the Newbie Mentoring page. However, do note that this doesn't remove your Newbie Mentoring status.


Below are the list of tasks currently available for assignments.

# Task Rewarded Points
1 Communicate with your newbie via PM 6 Points
2 Send your newbie a plushie 1 Point
3 Newbie completes tutorial 5 Points
4 Newbie reaches Trainerlevel 5 5 Points
5 Newbie reaches Trainerlevel 10 8 Points
6 Newbie reaches Trainerlevel 15 10 Points

To unlock tasks 2 through 6, you must have at least 2 points minimum for communicating with your newbie though PM (Private Message). That requires you to initiate a PM, and having the user respond to it. To prevent spam, you cannot send multiple PMs at once to a user to get multiple points. It must be a back and forth conversation happening for point gain to occur.

To send a plushie to the user, it requires you to send a plushie of any value to them using the Dream World Shop.

For the Newbie completing the tutorial, they must complete what is the Newbie Tutorial.

You will receive the remaining rewards once the Newbie reaches Trainerlevels 5, 10, and 15, respectively.

Mentor Level

Mentor Level doesn't serve any purpose currently, but the more Mentor Reward Points you gain, then the more your level will go up. Each level requires more points than the previous one.

Mentor Level Experience
Level Total Points Points to next level
1 0 50
2 50 150
3 200 550
4 750 1750
5 2500 7500
6 10000

Mentor Reward Points

There's currently no use for these, but there will likely be use for them in the future given by what their name suggests.


  • Newbie Mentoring now requires Trainerlevel 25 ever since an update on October 10th, 2018.