Halloween Event 2015

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Obtainable Items/Pokemon during the Halloween Event.
The Halloween Event 2015 begun on the 21st of October and ends on the 1st of November. It included a huge Event Distribution which could allow users to obtain 5 Special Halloween Event Pokémon from past years (Disguised Exeggcute, Disguised Exeggutor, Nightmare Munna, Nightmare Musharna, Sugar Shock, Candy Belly, Dark Ponyta, Cursed Rapidash and Dralucha) and 5 brand new Event Pokémon Witch Vulpix, Magic Ninetales, Zomppet, Banettensteinand Mega Banettenstein.

Halloween Sweets

HalloweenSweets.pngHalloween sweets are obtainable through trick-or-treating a user, rumbling, or through Interacting. The Halloween Sweets can be used to exchange them for items or Pokemon in the Halloween Store.


The Trick-or-treat option on a Userprofile
One of the possible ways to obtain Halloween Sweets is by Trick-or-treating a user. During the event, there was a new option on everyone's Userprofile which would allow them to Trick-or-treat them. By trick-or-trating a user, you will obtain some Halloween Sweets. Each user can only be Trick-or-treated once a day.
Trick or Treating
In addition this year, users had three options to get candies from Trick-or-Treating others:
  • Ghost (Booohoooo!!)
  • Zombie (Gwraaaaahh!)
  • Witch (Ehehehihihihi)
  • Depending on what the user you were scaring chosen, you could get more candies.

    The higher your Skill Level is, the more users you can trick-or-treat daily, and the more sweets you will get by trick-or-treating them.

    Another way to increase the amount of Halloween Sweets you will get is by purchasing the Scary-glasses.png"Scary Glasses" item in the Halloween Store.


    Another possible method to obtain Halloween sweets was through Interacting. The amount of Halloween sweets you can get through interacting can be increased by purchasing the Large-candy-bag.png"Large Candy Bag" from the Halloween Store.


    Getting some Halloween sweets when retrieving a Pokemon.
    The last method to obtain Halloween Sweets is through Rumbling. Users are able to get a small amount of Halloween Sweets from rumbling when they retrieve their Pokemon. The amount of sweets obtained through rumbling can be increased when purchasing the Explorer-bag.png"Explorer Halloween Upgrade" item from the Halloween Store.

    Trick or Treat Skills

    The Trick or Treat Skills level
    The Trick-or-Treat level determines how much Halloween Candy you can obtain when Trick-or-Treating a user. The level can be increased by interacting.