Easter Event 2018

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Easter Event Page.

Similar to previous years (2014/2015/2016/2017) there was another Easter Event in 2018. It was held from 25/Mar/18 until 01/Apr/18.
For this event Trainerlevel 15 may have been required and also special items to unluck certain areas, such as the PokéRadar or the Egg Radar to find all 20 eggs. Like before Premium membership is not required.


The task was to search for 20 Easter Eggs that are hidden carefully on PokéHeroes.
This year you were able to receive two different rewards:

Similar to 2016 and 2017, the locations were different for every trainer. The Easter Eggs were hidden in over 130 different locations and every trainer got 20 randomly selected locations from that pool, but the used algorithm prevented getting easy or hard locations only, so the chances were equal for all trainers.

Easter Eggs

  • Each egg had its own color and design.
  • The 20 eggs were the winners of the Easter Egg Spriting Contest.
  • The eggs were static on their location and would NOT move around or (dis)appear randomly.