Christmas Gifts 2021

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Sending someone a Christmas Gift

During the Advent 2021, users are able to send gifts to other users, and also receive them until December 25th. Each gift would contain either a common, uncommon or rare gift.

How it works

There are 5 different designs which someone could pick. Once you have picked a design, you enter the person's username, and enter a short message (optional). Once you have sent the user a gift, they will be able to open it and see what gift they get. The gifts received are random, and are not picked by the sender/gifter.

The initial price is Pokedollar.png 250 Pokédollars, and the increases by Pokedollar.png 250 Pokédollars after every sent gift until the fifth. Any further gifts will cost Nugget.png 20 Nuggets. The price of a Christmas Gift will reset at the start of a new day back to the starting price of Pokedollar.png 250 Pokédollars.

The Gifts

These are the items which can be found in the gifts.

Common Gifts

  • Pokeball.png Poké Ball (1~5)
  • Coin-case.png Game Chips (50~500)
  • Cheri-berry.pngPecha-berry.pngWiki-berry.png Any Common Berry (5~20)

Uncommon Gifts

  • Greatball.png Great Ball (1~3)
  • Ultraball.png Ultra Ball (1~3)
  • Ice-gem.png 1x Ice Gem
  • Soothe-bell.png 1x Soothe Bell
  • Kyurem Plushie (Black)
  • Kyurem Plushie (White)
  • Hp-up.pngProtein.pngCarbos.png 1x Any Vitamin
  • Event-points.png Event Points (10~190, with the range always incrementing by 10)

Rare Gifts

Note: You must have an open slot in your Party to receive Retro eggs, or else in the instance that you do happen to receive them, then the gift will appear empty when you open it.
Note 2: The Retro Pokémon can also hatch as shiny!