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The Battle Team page can be accessed by hovering over the "Home" tab. On the Battle Team page, you can make up to 5 battle teams which you will use when Battling with other users.

Viewing a team

Creating a Battle Team

In each team, you can only add up to a maximum of 6 Pokemon. They will be the Pokemon you will use when you're battling with another user. When adding a Pokemon to a Battle Slot, it's Sprite, Name, Level, EXP Bar, and item will be displayed. You can also view the Pokemon's stats by clicking the "Show Stat" button.

Note: You cannot add/change/edit your battle team while you're in a battle.

To add a Pokemon to a slot, you will need to click the blue Party plus.png sign and then choose the Pokemon from your boxes.

To remove a Pokemon from a slot, you will need to press the red Party minus.png sign.

To rename your Battle Team, you will need to press the Edit icon.png icon.