Easter Event 2015

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Similarly to the Easter Event 2014, users were required to find "easter eggs" hidden around the site.

The prize was an Easter Buneary for those who found 15 or less eggs, and a mega-able Easter Buneary holding a mega stone for those who found all 16.

Easter Egg Locations

  • Daycare
  • Style Settings
  • Bill's House (next to Egg Storage)
  • Kalos Supply (Gem Collector)
  • Notification Wall
  • News Post #72
  • Honeycombs
  • Riako's About Me
  • GC Lottery Tickets (Last Draw)
  • GTS Setup
  • Easter Egg Announcement Thread (Very Bottom)
  • Haircut Salon
  • Cheat Panel
  • Newest Adoptions
  • Rules
  • Item Shop (Sell items)