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The Speed Click Event - short SCE - is a special Event where useres have to make as many interactions within a very short timespan as possible. Every SCE has an interaction goal that has to be reached by the participants. These Events were mostly random, usually to give players a chance to obtain a Victini Egg. SCE were replaced by Speed Click Saturdays, which now happen every four weeks.

How it works

You can sign up for a time at which you can come online on the SCE page, but be aware there is only a certain amount of participants eachs SCE.
The current server time (UTC/GMT) is displayed at the very bottom of the page - compare it with your own clock in order to choose the right time or just use the Convert SCE times link to see the SCE beginnings in your time.
Usually you can sign up to for four different SCE times.


There are two different kind of rewards.
The Legendary egg rewards are raffled randomly the day after the SCE ended. The more interactions you make during your SCE, the higher are your chances to win it.
To win the participation rewards you need to fulfill certain criteria like make a certain amount of interactions during the SCE. Those rewards are distributed as soon as you fulfilled them most of the times.

Global Goal

Every time the global goal of n SCE is reached, there is an x3 Interaction Multiplier until the next SCE starts!

Previous SCEs

DateRewardsParticipation Rewards
2013December 31stnone
2015May 1stnone
October 31st & November 1stnone
December 31st & January 1st
2017January 7th & 8thnone
July 1st & 2nd
December 16th & 17thnone
2018February 24th & 25th none
November 10th & 11th