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As of 18/Dec/2013, users can start interacting in order to receive a very special Christmas Pokemon. This mysterious Pokemon is unbreedable.

This event was available from 18/Dec/13 to 24/Dec/13, and users will be able to claim the event since 25/Dec/2013 until 28/Dec/2013.

The mysterious Pokemon was distributed as a Polestar

Receiving the Pokemon

In order to receive the special Pokemon, users have to make 5000 interactions in just 6 days. If thet have reached the goal before the end of the event, they will have to wait until the 25th to receive the Pokémon.

Pixelated Drawing

There is a pixelated drawing of the Pokemon which at first is not clear. Everyday, the drawing will become clearer. The Pokémon image will be revealed on Christmas, and users will be able to claim it as an egg if they made enough interactions.