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The Shadow Radar was introduced on 1st July 2019 to celebrate PokéHeroes 6th anniversary, in memory of the Pokeradar, back then called the Shiny Radar. The Shadow Radar is a permanent feature.

How it works

Our local computer scientist and favorite nerd in town, Bill, has developed a new device, called the Shadow Radar Shadow-radar.png. This item makes it possible to find these Shadow Pokémon in the wild. It is available in the Item Shop after reaching Trainerlevel 20. You can either buy it with PokéDollars or with Nuggets.

Pokémon Shadows pop up randomly.
After purchasing the Shadow Radar you will be send out on a 10x10 field of tall grass. Pokémon-Shadows Shadow.gif will randomly appear that have to be clicked on.

If it turns out to be a regular, non-shadow Pokémon, it will start a chain of this species and count up in your Shadow Radar. The longer your chain, the higher will be the chance to find a Shadow version of it. However, if you find a species that is different to your chain, then your chain will break and you'll lose the game.

After challenging a Pokémon on a certain spot (Poké Ball symbol), try to avoid the grass spots nearby (red area) in the next round. Pokémon of the same species are most likely further away (green area).

Tip: Remember the field where you had your last Pokémon fight. The longer the distance between this field and the field of your next fight, the higher the chance of finding the same Pokémon-Species. You don't have to click on every appearing shadow. Sometimes it's better to wait a bit until it appears in a spot that is further away from the spot where you challenged the last Pokémon.

Also make sure to have enough Pokeball.pngPoké Balls with you! They are mainly available at the Item Shop. Some Pokémon are harder to catch than others and take a few more times. And not to mention that there's also a slim chance of the Shadow Pokémon fleeing during the fight, so maybe also bring some Ultraball.pngUltra Balls!

Details: The species that can be found in the wild vary every day for every user. - Regular users have a set of three species available per day. - Premium members have a set of five species available per day. You can only catch one Shadow Pokémon per day. There are, however, upgrades available at the Item Shop (Special section) that permanently increase this limit.

Some species are rarer than others and require more experience. After catching more and more Shadow Pokémon, you will start to find rarer Pokémon out there.

Note: As soon as you find a Shadow you didn't encounter before, it will show with the text NEW beside the Shadow sprite.


Currently, only Pokémon from the Kanto region and Johto Region are available as Shadow Pokémon. In the future, more regions will be added!

Kanto region Shadow Pokémon are able to be hunted upon the purchase of the Shadow Radar. However, Johto region Shadow Pokémon can be hunted once you've purchased the Shadow-radar.png Shadow Radar Upgrade (Johto). This upgrade can be bought over at the Item Shop for Pokedollar.png 100,000.

Shadow Pokémon cannot evolve. They can not be shiny. They also cannot be hatched from Pokémon eggs.

Shadow Pokémon

Below you can find all the Shadow Pokémon sprites and their Rarity.

Image Name Rarity
001sh.png Bulbasaur Starter
002sh.png Ivysaur Starter

Venusaur Starter
Charmander Starter
Charmeleon Starter
Charizard Starter
Squirtle Starter
Wartortle Starter
Blastoise Starter
Caterpie Easy
Metapod Easy

Butterfree Easy
Weedle Easy
Kakuna Easy
Beedrill Easy
Pidgey Easy
Pidgeotto Easy
Pidgeot Easy

Rattata Easy

Raticate Easy
Spearow Medium
Fearow Medium
Ekans Hard
Arbok Hard

Pikachu Easy

Raichu Easy
Sandshrew Hard
Sandslash Hard
Nidoran♀ Medium
Nidorina Medium
Nidoqueen Medium
Nidoran♂ Medium
Nidorino Medium
Nidoking Medium
Clefairy Easy
Clefable Easy
Vulpix Rare
Ninetales Rare
Jigglypuff Easy
Wigglytuff Easy

Zubat Easy

Golbat Easy
Oddish Medium

Gloom Medium

Vileplume Medium
Paras Hard
Parasect Hard
Venonat Hard
Venomoth Hard
Diglett Medium
Dugtrio Medium
Meowth Rare
Persian Rare
Psyduck Medium
Golduck Medium
Mankey Hard
Primeape Hard
Growlithe Rare
Arcanine Rare
Poliwag Medium
Poliwhirl Medium
Poliwrath Medium
Abra Rare

Kadabra Rare

Alakazam Rare
Machop Medium
Machoke Medium
Machamp Medium
Bellsprout Hard
Weepinbell Hard
Victreebel Hard
Tentacool Easy
Tentacruel Easy
Geodude Easy
Graveler Easy
Golem Easy
Ponyta Easy
Rapidash Easy
Slowpoke Hard
Slowbro Hard
Magnemite Hard
Magneton Hard
Farfetch'd Rare

Doduo Medium

Dodrio Medium
Seel Rare
Dewgong Rare
Grimer Medium
Muk Medium
Shellder Rare
Cloyster Rare
Gastly Easy
Haunter Easy
Gengar Easy
Onix Hard
Drowzee Hard

Hypno Hard
Krabby Medium
Kingler Medium
Voltorb Medium
Electrode Medium
Exeggcute Hard
Exeggutor Hard
Cubone Rare
Marowak Rare
Hitmonlee Rare
Hitmonchan Rare
Lickitung Hard
Koffing Easy
Weezing Easy

Rhyhorn Medium

Rhydon Medium
Chansey Rare
Tangela Hard
Kangaskhan Rare
Horsea Rare
Seadra Rare

Goldeen Easy

Seaking Easy
Staryu Medium
Starmie Medium
Mr. Mime Rare

Scyther Medium
Jynx Hard
Electabuzz Rare
Magmar Rare
Pinsir Hard
Tauros Hard

Magikarp Easy

Gyarados Easy
Lapras Rare
Ditto Ditto

Eevee Rare
Vaporeon Rare
Jolteon Rare
Flareon Rare
Porygon Rare
Omanyte Special
Omastar Special
Kabuto Special
Kabutops Special
Aerodactyl Special
Snorlax Special
Articuno Legend
Zapdos Legend
Moltres Legend
Dratini Special
Dragonair Special
Dragonite Special
Mewtwo Legendary
Mew Legendary

Image Name Rarity
Chikorita Starter
Bayleef Starter

Meganium Starter
Cyndaquil Starter
Quilava Starter
Typhlosion Starter
Totodile Starter
Croconaw Starter
Feraligatr Starter
Sentret Easy
Furret Easy
Hoothoot Easy
Noctowl Easy

Ledyba Medium

Ledian Medium
Spinarak Medium
Ariados Medium
Crobat Easy
Chinchou Hard
Lanturn Hard
Pichu Easy
Cleffa Easy
Igglybuff Easy
Togepi Medium
Togetic Medium
Natu Hard

Xatu Hard
Mareep Medium
Flaaffy Medium
Ampharos Medium
Bellossom Medium
Marill Easy
Azumarill Easy

Sudowoodo Rare

Politoed Medium
Hoppip Medium
Skiploom Medium
Jumpluff Medium

Aipom Medium
Sunkern Medium
Sunflora Medium
Yanma Hard

Wooper Medium

Quagsire Medium
Espeon Rare
Umbreon Rare

Murkrow Hard
Slowking Hard
Misdreavus Hard
Unown A Unown
Unown B Unown
Unown C Unown
Unown D Unown
Unown E Unown
Unown F Unown
Unown G Unown
Unown H Unown
Unown I Unown
Unown J Unown
Unown K Unown
Unown L Unown
Unown M Unown
Unown N Unown
Unown O Unown
Unown P Unown
Unown Q Unown
Unown R Unown
Unown S Unown
Unown T Unown
Unown U Unown
Unown V Unown
Unown W Unown
Unown X Unown
Unown Y Unown
Unown Z Unown
Unown ! Unown
Unown ? Unown

Wobbuffet Medium

Girafarig Medium
Pineco Medium
Forretress Medium
Dunsparce Medium

Gligar Hard

Steelix Hard
Snubbull Medium
Granbull Medium
Qwilfish Medium

Scizor Medium
Shuckle Rare

Heracross Hard

Sneasel Medium
Teddiursa Medium

Ursaring Medium
Slugma Medium
Magcargo Medium
Swinub Hard

Piloswine Hard
Corsola Hard
Remoraid Medium

Octillery Medium
Delibird Rare
Mantine Medium
Skarmory Hard
Houndour Hard

Houndoom Hard
Kingdra Rare
Phanpy Medium

Donphan Medium
Porygon2 Rare
Stantler Hard
Smeargle Rare
Tyrogue Rare
Hitmontop Rare
Smoochum Hard
Elekid Rare
Magby Rare
Miltank Hard
Blissey Rare
Raikou Legendary
Entei Legendary
Suicune Legendary
Larvitar Rare
Pupitar Rare
Tyranitar Rare
Lugia Legendary
Ho-Oh Legendary
Celebi Legendary